The Importance of Windows

Why don’t we seem to value the averages home’s window as much as we should. Their impact upon a home are immeasurable. They provide light and air into the house and hold. This always seems to be the major impact of a window, however they can also have a huge impact on how a room is viewed.

Often missed views about windows is that they are important in not only providing light, but in the times of an emergency they often can be used as emergency exits. Just think how important a window can be in the event of a house fire? They can have life saving impacts.

Think about how often you may use a window for different uses. The importance of a bedroom window, not only for the first sunshine of morning light, but also to check if anything abnormal is happening outside. In a kitchen, a well placed window can allow you to check on the children while they are playing and you are preparing dinner.

Because of this Australian Bygg can’t stress enough the importance of having well installed windows and window fittings. One of the head Australian Bygg carpenters states that:

“While windows provide valuable light and air, if installed incorrectly they can also let in a vast amount of water. Window rot is a severe problem which can lead onto further issues with the home’s foundations”.

This is why when Australian Bygg is installing windows we make sure that the window has an extra layer of applied window sealant. So in the case of the first layer allowing water through the second layer we stop any moisture leaking through to the frame of the window.

What to do in the case of Window Rot?

The first thing is that you cannot leave the rotten windows to continue to rot. If you do this you will end up with severe foundation problems around the window and the wall. The first thing you should know is that window rot is the cause by prolonged exposure to moisture for a long amount of time. The next thing you should know, is that if you do have window rot, it may not always be from a leak in the window. You can also have a leak within your wall, which has not reached the window or possibly even the roof. So make sure your step is to locate where the leak is actually coming from. When locating the leak, it isn’t always easy to locate where the leak is coming from until you have actually taken out the window. So hiring an experienced carpenter to help you with this would be the best thing to do moving forward.


Australian Bygg has lots of experience installing windows as well as replacing windows. So if you believe you have a leak, feel free to contact Australian Bygg to for a free consultation.


Luke Goodwin is the marketing manager of Australian Bygg and manages all marketing operations for sister companies.