Why HVAC Maintenance Should Be A Top Priority

Your commercial building relies on your HVAC system in numerous ways.  Unfortunately, sometimes even experienced facilities teams wait too long to have maintenance performed on their systems.  This can result in expensive repairs, since prevention is almost always less costly. Also, serious system problems can have a huge impact on operations and even prove to be disastrous. That is why it is so important to have an experienced HVAC service Chicago perform preventive maintenance on a regular basis.

The following are among the most important reasons why commercial HVAC preventive maintenance should be a top priority:

Saves Money

Cost is the first and most important benefit that preventive commercial HVAC offers. The HVAC system in your commercial building is one of the main contributors to your energy bills. Over time, components stop working as they are supposed to, which forces the system to use more power.  Just by keeping your HVAC system energy efficient, proper maintenance can help to save your company hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars over the long run.

Improved Performance

When proper maintenance is not done on an HVAC system, it will have numerous failure points.  It could be the thermostat, the air ducts or just about anything else involved in the system that can affect its performance.  That means it will take longer for your building to heat up or cool down.  When you are unable to achieve temperature equilibrium, your workers may become sluggish which will take its toll on productivity.

Fewer Replacements Needed

Commercial HVAC systems are very complex.  There are many parts – both small and large – that need to work together.  Wear and tear occurs naturally over time which makes it impossible for the parts to run forever.  However, years can be added to the lives of a majority of components by keeping your system properly maintained.

Keeps Employees Happy And Healthy

Indoor air quality is another important factor.  The EPA reports that indoor air can potentially be more polluted even than outdoor air.  The HVAC system is what is responsible for air quality and circulation within your commercial building.  When there are problems, irritants may get in the air.  This may cause colds, allergic reactions and other issues.

Help You Stay in Compliance

The compliance environment of Chicago can be challenging for commercial buildings.  Minimizing the environmental impact and maximizing energy efficiency are important goals that any well-run commercial facility will want to achieve.  Preventive HVAC system maintenance can help your organization achieve these goals.