What To Do When a Drain Vent Pipe Starts To Malfunction

Buildings are such complex structures that contain a lot of different components in them. These components all fulfill a specific function that provides a certain amount of functionality, comfort, and convenience for people inside a building. For instance, a building’s electrical system provides the necessary power to make the usage of various appliances possible. On the other hand, a building’s plumbing system allows the use of clean water for everyone’s benefit. The components of a building’s plumbing system should always be kept in good condition or else its inhabitants will greatly suffer. One plumbing component that should be maintained well is a building’s drain vent pipe.

What is a Drain Vent Pipe?

Basically, a drain vent pipe is a plumbing fixture that expels waste material from a building. At the same time, this certain pipe also acts as an air pressure regulator that improves the flow of air in other waste pipes. As a result, the collective amount of waste material from the inhabitants of a building can be safely discarded outside of the property where it won’t pose any harm to people. This is the reason why drain vent pipes should be maintained well to fulfill its specific function.

What causes it to smell so bad?

When one day you enter a building and find an unpleasant odor you can’t deal with, the most likely suspect for this predicament is a clog in your drain vent pipe. For starters, there are a lot of materials that can get stuck in your drain vent pipe. These items include tissue paper, food, and other small items that people throw into their drainage systems.

At the same time, there will also be a lot of grease that can get stuck in the drain vent pipe. This grease will harden and turn into sludge in this particular pipe. These things clog up a drain vent pipe and cause it to be damaged. As a result, the pipe itself will have a hole and the methane produced by the waste material will spread all over the building. Methane is pretty dangerous for our health and the environment as well. Plus, the presence of methane can also be harmful to those who have inhaled this dangerous gas.

What can be done about this problem?

In the event a drain vent pipe gets clogged, you will need to take out whatever is causing this hindrance right away. First off, you will need to shut down the building’s water main valve. This step will stop the flow of water and provide you the freedom to work on this plumbing pipe without any worries.

As soon as that is accomplished, locate where the hole in your drain vent pipe is. Wash the insides of this pipe to drain all waste material from it. Then, get a PVC Coupling and use some adhesive to patch up the hole you’ve found. Allow the adhesive to dry on both the coupling and the pipe itself. After the adhesive has stuck to both materials, turn the water main valve.

This is just a basic solution to this problem. If you feel fixing a damaged drain vent pipe is far too complex for you, the best choice you have is to call on an HDB licensed plumber to help you out. This plumbing contractor has the required training, the proper set of tools, and the experience to handle this kind of problem.