what roofs work best in Climates

Taking into account what part of the country you live in is a great factor in deciding what roof type to get. From asphalt shingles to metal roofing, your local climate should make a difference on what materials you choose.

Here are typically the best roofs to get depending on where you live:

The Northeast

Known for bustling cities and rockstar Christmas parties, the Northeast is also home to some of the coldest climates in North America. Winters here can be harsh and unpredictable, but they can also be mild. One year will have a winter where six feet of snow is a weekly occurrence, and others may be sadly devoid of snow-days.

For that reason, the natural roofing choice in places like New England and New York are asphalt shingles. Asphalt is a great insulator, which is perfect for days spent snowed-in your home. Physically, the asphalt can also sustain a good deal of heavy snow that accumulates on those worst blizzard days. And of course, since living here is not always the most inexpensive, these won’t put your credit limit over the edge because they are very affordable.

The Southeast

You can’t get a much different atmosphere from the Northeast than its counterpart in the south. Here, bikinis and palm trees are everywhere, only occasionally interrupted by some of the worst storms on the planet. Snowstorms usually don’t come too far south, but hurricanes and tornadoes can definitely pay a visit once or twice a year.

Preparation is your best friend in these parts of the country and we recommend metal sheets for most of your roofing needs. Metal will protect your home like armor – literally. Metal is also more resistant to the harsh heat and humidity that has everyone wondering if it’s June when it’s actually November. Because metal sheets cover roofs so tightly, it’s also a fierce defender against mold and algae.

The Midwest

From freezing cold winters, to hot summers and tornado season, weather in the Midwest is most characterized for its unpredictability. For that reason, it’s best to find roofing that handle just about anything, and the usual answer is slate tiles.

While expensive, slate lasts decades rather than years, and will easily take on just about anything that can be thrown at it. Be it hail storms or twisters, slate tiles are your home’s best chance to withstand the unpredictable weather of the Midwest.

The West Coast

When we think of West Coast housing, we usually think ocean view apartments and Beverly Hills mansions. With the price it takes to live in these luxurious cities, surely the climate is taken into consideration when building these homes. Not only are clay tiles a beautiful feature on a house, but they are also fire and water-resistant and will stand up to salty, moist air – perfect for homes on the coastline!

There are many factors to take into consideration when deciding what roof type to implement and hopefully these tips will help you narrow it down.