Useful tips to renovate your home

How many dreams accompany the purchase of an old house or the idea that we will live in that of our grandparents … In both cases we are already able to imagine it after having faced a long and demanding restructuring.

 And it is just the refurbishment that is the most crucial and difficult point. To imagine is just the starting point for a long journey that will prove long and to be prepared with scruples and dedication. The characteristics of the lighting system, such as the floor will be laid, the type of heating, if the windows are shielded by shutters: these are just some of the important questions that a good renovation will have to respond to the best.

Ready for this trip? Here are some of the most important points to consider if you need to restructure your home.

  1. The heating system

Warming up an environment means first of all making a technological choice that must be evaluated for the feasibility but also the effect it will have on the final look of the entire home.

If you opt for a radiant floor heating system, we must be sure that the difference in height between the slab and the final floor plan is such that it allows the laying of radiant panels and a suitable layer of screed above (about 7 cm) guarantee the good performance and functionality of the entire plant.

Even the most classic wall heating system needs to be carefully planned: the radiators will cover portions of walls on which it will not be possible to move furniture and will not be able to be positioned (unless special arrangements) on the walls inside which sliding doors will be located.

If you want an air-conditioning system, a canalized type, industrial loft style, or concealed inside the ceiling, you will need to make the right evaluations. First, you need to understand if the height of the ceiling allows the anchoring of the pipes, especially in the presence of beams that involve a lowering of the height.

Ventilation channels must reach all environments, even smaller ones, and the result may be different from the beautiful images that spill in the industry magazines. The solution can be achieved by realizing a countertop that solves the aesthetic issue.

  1. The floor

The floor is the “fundamental choice” of the renovation because it gives rise to the atmosphere and style of the apartment. Here too the options abound: cement, marble, parquet, porcelain stoneware, resin, etc. Yet even for the floor is not simply a matter of taste and you may be forced to make a choice if you do not resort to timely prompts.

  1. The kitchen

In the kitchen we have an important concentration of implants and it is not enough to have a drainage pipe and a couple of electric sockets to assemble the parts to our liking.

The right thing to do then is to go to the storehouse at the dealer before the plumber and electrician enter the kitchen and go home with a layout of the plants to be prepared. This is even more true if you want to make a kitchen on an island or peninsula: in this case gas, light and water will have to pass under the floor and emerge at the exact point where they serve.

By : Il Portale dell’imbianchino