Tips on How to Prevent Yourself from Catching Colds and Common Flu

Getting sick and skipping school or work for a few days is the last thing that you want to happen. However, most of us are prone to getting the flu and colds because of our constant exposure to other people who can be potential germ carriers. Here are some helpful tips on how to steer clear of common colds and flu and make sure that we remain healthy all year round.

Get yourself a flu shot

There is nothing more effective in preventing flu and colds than getting a dose of flu shot every year. Flu and bugs can be highly contagious to your family, friends and even co-workers and it can cause you to become hospitalised if the symptoms start to worsen and are left untreated. You might want to consider talking to your doctor about the possibility of getting vaccinated to ensure that you are decreasing your chances of getting sick by at least fifty per cent.

Keep your body warm as much as possible

Did you know that people who have constant exposure to cold environments have a higher chance of contracting the common cold? Make sure that your home is kept warm especially during the cold season by checking your heating system. Do not wait till your heater shuts down in the middle of winter. Give specialists in boiler repairs, Colchester, Essex a call and ask for immediate help.

Protect yourself by washing your hands as often as possible

Flu and cold causing germs can quickly spread through direct contact with sick people. One of the primary ways to prevent the virus from spreading is by washing your hands thoroughly with a bar of anti-bacterial soap and running water for at least 20 seconds. Do not forget to dry your hands thoroughly after hand washing. In the absence of soap and water, you can use liquid sanitizers or 70% isopropyl alcohol for the meantime to help kill some of the bacteria on your hands.

Wear a face mask

Some people may find wearing facial masks uncomfortable, but it is one way to protect yourself from colds and flu especially if you are about to visit a sick person whether at home or the hospital. People with a low immune system can easily contract airborne viruses, so it is better to be safe than sorry.

Increase your immune system

People who have a healthy immune system have fewer chances of getting sick very often. You do not need to spend much to make sure that your body is healthy. Make sure to get adequate rest by sleeping for at least eight hours a day, eating the right foods, taking your daily dose of vitamins and exercising for at least thirty minutes. Do these things religiously, and you will seldom get sick with colds and influenza.

Aside from taking care of yourself, also make sure that your family members are in good condition. It is essential to keep your surroundings clean by using certain products that are known to kill germs and viruses inside the household.