Three Bold Trends in Home Decor

If you’re looking for unique ways to give your home a new look, playing around with bold colors is a great place to start. While classic neutrals are a popular option when it comes to paint colors and decor, a bright hue can give any space a completely new look with a modern twist. When you’re ready to redecorate, give these three trends a try.

Unique Furniture Pieces That Aren’t Part of a Set

Great furniture can make or break a room, but before you start shopping for home furnishings san francisco, consider buying individual pieces instead of a complete matching set. Every piece in a room doesn’t have to be the same color, material or finish to give the space a cohesive look. Choosing separate elements can give your home a singular style that matches your own unique personality. In addition, it helps ensure that you’ll love every piece instead of settling for what matches.

Wall Paint and Coverings With Bright Patterns

An accent wall can add so much depth and interest to your home. While one bright color can liven things up, consider a pattern rather than a solid hue. Paint the pattern yourself or choose an interesting wall paper for more intricate designs. For even more wow factor, opt for a mural, decals or textured coverings.

Deluxe Showers With Dark Colored Components

A shower makeover can make your bathroom feel extra glamorous. Start by selecting modern fixtures with various settings in multiple locations for a spa like experience at home. Then opt for black or dark gray tiles, stone or even concrete for a bold, modern look. The contrast of the dark background with polished metal fixtures creates a stunning and practical display.

Adding a pop of bold color to your home can help things feel intentional and individual while still maintaining sophistication and class. Before you make a change, make sure the patterns and shades you choose will keep you happy for years to come, then have fun getting creative with color!