The Important Updating and Replacement Needs of Your Home

When the summer and winter months make it hard to enjoy the outdoors, your home becomes your fortress from the elements. But your home also has a lot of moving parts that wear down with usage. When you don’t regularly replace those parts, heat and cold seep in and ruin your comfort. Inefficient windows and doors can also affect your energy bills, since your HVAC system will need to work overtime to keep the temperature at a set level. Go around to each room and check for the following:

Is your window frame damaged or decaying? Wear and tear is an obvious sign that your windows need replacing, and if the frame is wooden, you might even notice that moisture damage has led to structural decay. If the damage is extensive enough, this is more than just a matter of temperature comfort, it’s a safety hazard.

Is it hard to open and close your windows? Windows should slide along their tracks without you exerting much effort. Swollen wood, damage to the track, or the presence of debris are a few reasons why windows might not open or close properly.

Does noise easily penetrate your windows? If you can hear traffic or other sounds through your window, you might want to consider upgrading to newer models, which can absorb sounds more efficiently.

Are your windows letting in a draft? Ignite a lighter or strike a match and hold it near each corner of the window. Watch the movement of the flame or the smoke to get a sense of how much air is moving through gaps in the window.


Are any of your doors damaged? As is the case with any part of your home, the presence of structural damage is an obvious reason to shop for a replacement. Your doors are vital to your security though, so you’ll want to replace a damaged entry or patio door as soon as possible

Can you see light around the bottom, top, or corners of the door? This is a sign of some major gaps. Again, use a lighter or match to detect any drafts.

Is there any moisture between the glass panes of your patio doors? This indicates that the seal around your door isn’t working as it should. In severe cases, you might even notice puddles forming on your floor.

Are any doors hard to open or slide? Just like with your windows, you shouldn’t have to use much effort to open or close doors. When it comes to standard doors, the problem might be misaligned hinges. Wooden doors can also expand and contract due to changes in temperature.

Ideally, you’ll want to replace your doors or windows during moderate seasons of fall or spring. This ensures you don’t experience any emergencies during extreme weather. However, some companies, like JDI Windows, will take care of the job any time of year.