The Complete Wall Sconce Buyer’s Guide

The lighting of your home does more than make it easy for you to see. Light and color can influence moods and even affect our circadian rhythms. 

If your home is dim and dark, it’s time to make a change. Sure, you can plug in any old light fixture from your neighborhood garage sale, but it might not provide the effect you’re looking for. 

A wall sconce is a light fixture that can provide illumination and mood lighting in any space. They can be simple to install and are able to transform the look of your room. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about these light fixtures. 

The Benefits of Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are in a league of their own when it comes to light fixtures. They’re the perfect solution for illuminating any space in your home. They don’t take up any precious floor space and can transform the look of any room. 

Wall sconces are an excellent energy-efficient light source for your home. Lighting accounts for up to 30% of your monthly energy bill. Since wall sconces aren’t for lighting up an entire room, they consume less energy. 

Wall sconces come in many different shapes, types, and styles. They are available in vintage, farmhouse, modern, and glam styles (to name a few). This means that there’s a wall sconce for every room in your home, regardless of the decorative style you prefer. 

If you’re having a hard time bringing design elements together, a sconce can help. They are great for providing symmetry in any space. Try hanging one on both sides of your fireplace, bathroom mirror, or sofa. 

Where to Hang Wall Sconces

The great thing about wall sconces is that they work in nearly every room of your home. 

Sconces in bathrooms provide flattering lighting. Install one on each side of the mirror or above your bathroom light bar. This prevents the ugly shadows that often come with overhead lighting. 

Outdoor spaces are another common area you’ll often find sconces. They can light up the doorway of your home or provide ambient lighting for your patio space. 

Swing-arm sconces are popular in bedrooms. Install one on each side of the bed. This allows both you and your partner to have concentrated light when necessary. 

Living rooms often have one primary light source in the middle of the room. A wall sconce can provide illumination in the darker corners where the primary light source can’t reach. They can also be used to highlight an aesthetic feature of the room, such as a fireplace. 

Like living rooms, entryways often have one source of light. Wall sconces can make the entryway feel cozy and welcoming, features we all want in our homes. 

How to Power a Wall Sconce

There are three main power sources for wall sconces – hardwired, plug-in, or battery-operated. 

The best way to hang them is to hardwire them into your home. This ensures a clean installation and no unsightly wires taking away from the aesthetic of your home. You’ll also be able to operate them with light switches. 

Plug-in sconces save a lot of work and are simple to install. They need a nearby outlet to work and will have a cord leading from the light to the plug. 

Battery-operated styles are the simplest to install and replace. They won’t provide as much light as other options as they rely on batteries for power. They’re very versatile as they can be put anywhere in your home without worrying about nearby outlets. 

Different Types of Wall Sconces

There are many different styles of wall sconce light fixtures. Sconces are more than just decorative accents for your home. They can change the feel of a room.

Some sconces provide up-lighting, which can make your room look bigger. Most times, up-lighting sconces are more decorative than functional. They add drama and focused illumination to a specific area of your room. 

Down-lighting sconces are great for providing a cozy feeling. We recommend down-lighting for areas where you need fixed illumination, like by your work desk. 

Some feature swing-arms so you can adjust where you want the ambient lighting to shine. Sconces with adjustable arms allow you to choose between up or down lighting. 

Flush mount styles don’t have protruding arms or ornamental pieces. They work best in areas where you need broad illumination. 

Candle-style options bring an old-fashioned flair to any space. They’re great in rooms where you’re going for a vintage vibe. 

Wallchieres are a type of sconce that often look like torches. They’re typically very decorative with a lot of ornate and intricate designs. 

Where to Buy a Wall Sconce

Wall sconces are very easy to find in nearly any home improvement store. You can also find them online. 

The problem with buying a wall sconce from any old store is that the quality isn’t always there. It’s always best to buy items from brands that predominately focus on manufacturing one or two select items. They know what they’re doing, and you can rest assured knowing you’re getting a high-quality product.

When it comes to lighting, we always recommend Interior Deluxe. This manufacturer provides high-end light fixtures like sconces and chandeliers to transform your living spaces. Plus, they even provide installation services to keep things easy for you. 

Bring Ambient Lighting Into Your Home

A wall sconce can transform the ambiance in your home. Your job now is to decide which types will look and work best for you.   Keep reading our blogs to find more home improvement tips to improve your home.