Questions to Ask Before Getting Spray Foam Insulation Installed

There are certainly many advantages to getting spray foam insulation installed in your home. It can be very cost effective and help you to reduce your heating and cooling bills. It can eventually pay for itself because of the money that it will save you in the long run. That having been said, you should never simply schedule a spray foam insulation installation without thoroughly understanding what is involved. This is a major project and you need to be prepared for what you are about to undertake. Here are the questions that should be posed to a contractor who performs the installation of spray foam insulation.

  1. Can you give me an estimate of how much money I will save if I decide to get the spray foam insulation?

It is very important that you have a solid understanding of the potential savings that await you in the event that you have the spray foam insulation installed in your home. This will allow you to see if it will be a worthwhile expense considering your budget. All contractors should be able to provide you with this info.

  1. How much will the total installation cost me?

You will also need to find out how much you will be expected to pay. As you might expect, the prices that professional contractors charge can be very different. Therefore, it would be in your best interests to call as many spray foam insulation contractors as you can find. You will then be able to compare their prices and find out what your options are. You might also want to get an estimate on having trench breakers installed if you have a pipeline that you need to protect.

  1. What sort of warranty will I be getting on the insulation and the work you are performing?

You need to be certain that you are getting an adequate warranty in case there are any problems with the spray foam insulation or the way it was installed. A warranty will cover the cost of having any problems corrected in the future.