New Year, New Yard Quick, easy, and affordable ways to give your outdoor area a makeover for the new year ahead.

As we begin a new year and in fact, the decade you might feel as though it’s time to bring your outdoor area into the present with a fresh look.


This new year your gardening to-do list should consist of the following: prune, trim, weed, and water. The easiest way to give your outdoor areas a bit of a facelift is by doing a little garden maintenance. An overgrown or neglected garden will make even the nicest outdoor setting start to look shabby. Pruning bushes and trimming back trees will not only clean up your garden but actually promote new healthy growth if done correctly. Weeding with making your garden beds look organised and healthy too. Of course, regularly watering your plants is essential, especially in the spring and summer months.


Before you rush out and buy new furniture and fittings there’s a much easier, and pretty much free, way to update your outdoors. A simple clean of your outdoor settings and areas can do wonders. Exposed to the elements these areas quickly build up with dirt and dust, it’s unavoidable. What you can do, however, is regularly wipe down furniture, pressure hose pavers, or sweep and wash down decking. This will make your furniture look brand new and your outdoor areas more inviting.

Add some colour

More and more the outdoor area is being treated as an extension of the indoors. This means so are the considerations we make when it comes to designing it. In 2020 it’s time to embrace colour in your outdoor living spaces. If you have a wall, make it a feature wall, add some texture and colour. Start to incorporate traditionally indoor furniture too. Outdoor rugs are a great addition. Just like inside they make things cosy and comfortable. They’re a great way to add colours and play with patterns too. When picking your colour palette you need to consider your surroundings. How is your home decorated? Do you have a clear aesthetic style? Consider your garden too, choose colours that compliment plants and natural materials to pull off the perfect carefully considered outdoor entertainment area.

Change things up

If your current outdoor setting truly is out of date then the possibilities for your new ones are endless. Seating is probably the most important of your outdoor furniture. If you’re wanting to entertain guests modular seating will allow you to cater for more and be flexible with space and settings. If you are seeking some solitude and relaxation in your backyard our favourite piece of furniture is the daybed. Perfect for soaking up the sun with a book or keeping an eye on the kids.

Combining these quick tips and tricks will get your yard ready for a brand new year without breaking the bank or ripping up the deck.