Myths About Garage Floor Resurfacing

If you have a garage on your home, you’ve probably seen first-hand how easily it can be to let it become an absolute mess. More and more people forego using their garage as a place to park their cars and use it for storage. It has become a popular place for homeowners to put random items for storage and any other things not worthy of being inside the home. However, if you are wanting to start fresh and create a nice garage or space to hang out in, getting a new floor is the best way to start. Garage floor resurfacing services from reputable companies like can dramatically change the whole look of your space.

Myth 1- Garage Floor Coatings Are Too Expensive

This is the biggest myth surrounding garage floor resurfacing. On average, getting your garage floor professionally installed using an epoxy or polyaspartic chip coating will not cost more than $5-6 per square foot. This cost pales in comparison to the expensive items you want to store on it.

Myth 2- All Resurfacing Products Are The Same

Some people think that resurfacing a garage floor yourself will be just as good as getting it done professionally. The kits you can purchase from your local home improvement store will not give you the same durable and long-lasting results. The process has to be done correctly for it to turn out right.

Myth 3- Painting Your Garage Floor Is Just As Good

This myth says that epoxy floor resurfacing products are just fancy types of paint. This is very far from the truth. While epoxy may be a type of “paint”, paint is definitely not an epoxy. It is a product that is painted on your garage floor and then specially hardened to create a durable surface. Epoxy is durable, abrasion resistant, chemical resistant and UV resistant. Paint is none of those.

For anyone wanting to redo their garages, epoxy floor resurfacing is a great option. It will last most people 10 to 20 years when done professionally. Another benefit of garage flooring systems is that they are easy to clean and maintain. Doing this will ensure they look great for years.