Mercruiser Outdrive “how to repair water pump video”

The Mercruiser outdrive engine has been utilized on marine watercraft for many decades. Almost every single marine motor, the Mercruiser depends vigorously on its pump of water impeller to send outer surface water through motor complex, coats and section to keep it cold. The elastic impeller within the pump lodging endures persistent utilize while the motor runs, overheating or wear. Supplanting the pump of water impeller on outdrive needs repair of lower component case.

First motor placed in half slope position. Expel the start key and separate negative battery link with an attachment. Utilize an attachment to expel lower case of oil fitting and deplete the rigging case oil to skillet. Supplant the fitting and fix it. Shifter will placed in forward rigging. Unscrew anode below lower component, with Allen torque. Check the position of trim tab with chalk. Utilize Allen torque to unscrew trim tab, yet just slacken screw to pull free trim tab with Mercruiser Outdrive “how to repair water pump video”.

Unscrew lower part mounting stray pieces, situated under cavitations shield and through side case, utilizing an attachment and torque. One of base screws has Allen top, so utilize an Allen torque to expel it. Tenderly pry the crease between lower and upper case with thin-cutting edge screwdriver, being mindful so as not to harm mating outside. There are also given the major points to remove the Mercruiser outdrive pump of water impeller such as:

Tilt the outdrive motor and remove screw

Tilt the outdrive motor up to forty five degree position and point an oil deplete container underneath the drive oil fill-and-deplete gap. Evacuate drive of oil fill-and-deplete screw as well as its fixing washer, utilizing a little, level sharp edge screwdriver, and put them aside. Expel the vent screw and its washer, and empty the oil out of the drive unit. Utilize a bit of tape to stamp the position of the trim tab on the base.

Expel trim tab

Expel trim tab; bolts, washers and nuts from starboard sides and port of the unit; and nut from front of unit, utilizing a half inch attachment. Evacuate screw which found in well and then you can expelled trim tab utilizing an extensive level cutting edge screwdriver. Draw upright on drive part to expel it from the transom get together.

Impeller faceplate upward and off drive shaft

Expel seal from substance the body of the water pump. Draw up on coupling of the water tube to expel it and expel these screws from the body of water pump. Slide the body of this water pump up the drive shaft. Glide the outdrive pump of water impeller from the drive shaft and force the outdrive pump of water impeller key far from drive beam. Slide outdrive pump of water impeller faceplate upward and off drive shaft. Assess the inside of the outdrive pump of water impeller body for gaining and pump of water faceplate for unevenness and displace, as vital. Utilize a little putty blade to rub any gasket substance from the highest point of the drive component.