Making Changes for Giving a Facelift to Your Old Bathroom

The bathroom is one space in your home that is not only used to the hilt but also the area that is usually sidestepped when you go on a household cleaning drive. If the bathroom of your home is of the vintage type that reminds you, your family members, and guests of a bygone era, then there is so much that you can do for reviving its lost glory and restoring its old-world look. There are several bathroom changes you can undertake, some on a DIY basis while entrusting a few projects to a professional renovation company in order to maintain its current resale value.

The tips underlined below all orientate around carrying out minor or small bathroom changes-sprucing would be an apt word-which implies that you do not need to go for a massive overhaul.

  1. Redecorate albeit cosmetically

There is a lot you can do for lending a refreshing, brand new look to the bathroom interiors. For instance, you can add wallpapers with a floral or seascape design; replace the soggy soap dispenser with a new one; go for a new bathroom mirror, and so on. Keep souvenirs and mementoes on the shelves that you receive as gifts on your wedding anniversaries or birthdays. There is always room for experimentation when it comes to smartening up your existing bathroom without breaking the bank.

  1. Repaint the tiles

Though replacing the old and discolored tiles with a new set is the best solution if your eyes have grown weary looking at the drab overlays but you are not yet ready to invest a huge sum. If you are hard up, the next best thing you can do is to repaint the tiles. Always go for a quality oil-based primer and in case you are planning a DIY, then at least discuss with a professional with regards to the components and materials that will be appropriate for your walls.

  1. Go for some new fixtures

If purchasing a brand new bathtub, storage cabinets or lighting fixtures is beyond your means, you can always replace old toilet paper holder, toilet seat or the faucet on the sink.     

  1. Put the accent on the ambience

     More often than not, the mish mash of contrasting colors (the floor and wall tiles, the cabinets and the washbasin) can make the interiors look gaudy. So, what can you do to mellow down the overall tone of the ambience without of course uprooting the tiles or replacing the fixtures? You can change the curtain on the windows, replace the shower curtain or the shower door having lighter hues.

  1. How about a stem shower in the main bath?

Instead of going for a whole new bath or shower set which could set you back by several thousand dollars, you can always choose to make minor additions like a new steam shower or setting up a new shower seat. So that you do not upset the setting of the interiors, play it safe by choosing neutral colors and shun trendy materials or design.


Closing up, it can be articulated with conviction that there are numerous bathroom changes you can execute without spending a fortune. Some of the tips have been detailed above and if these are not enough, you can browse for more on the net.