Is A Snagging Survey Really Worth It?

Every time someone moves into a new house, which can either be freshly constructed or an old house, a snagging survey should be done. It is a process in which the minor flaws and errors that occur due to poor workmanship are repaired.

This is an extremely important process because ignoring minor flaws and errors now, can cause major problems later. Hence, it is well recommended to get snagging done before finally moving into the house.

Why is Snagging Important?

Snagging is an important process because it can prevent Amajor future problems. For example, consider if you have a leaking tap in the house. If this error is not identified before moving into the house, then there is a chance that the running water can flood the house, causing further problems.

In a similar manner, if the doors and windows are not properly fitted and had not been repaired, then it might give burglars and robbers a chance to enter the house. If the small cracks on the wall are ignored, then those cracks may grow large, threatening the entire structure.

Therefore, if minor problems are not fixed beforehand, then they turn into more serious problems later. When that happens, you will need to put more time, effort and money than you could have spent snagging the house.

Is Snagging Really Worth It?

In simple terms, yes! Snagging is really worth it. For instance, consider living in a house where snagging was not done. There might be minor problems like missing window glass, unfitted door hinge, leaking water tap, slanted floor and so many others. The people living in that house will have to put up with these minor problems throughout the day.

If the snagging of the house is done well before moving in, then the people living in the house will not face any problems. Also, the chance of minor flaws growing into bigger problems will also reduce greatly.

Apart from that, snagging also confirms the structure of the house and makes sure that the whole building is firmly secured. Snagging the house also increases the confidence in the house and people tend to live more comfortably.

Moreover, snagging is a one-time investment, which can literally save a lot of time, effort and money in the future. For a one-time investment that can prevent a serious amount of money and effort later, snagging can be a really worth it.

How to proceed with Snagging?

The process of snagging depends on house to house. If one house has a few snags to repair, it’s not necessary that every house will have the same errors to fix. Therefore, a snagging list should be first created.

You can create a snagging list on your own and submit it to the house seller for him to get the snags fixed. However, you can also hire a professional snagging service that could help you throughout the process that is from creating a snagging list to getting those snags fixed.

In any case, make sure that the snagging of the house is done before you move in. Otherwise, the workers and the people living will have to face obvious personal problems.

Image thanks to Mike Bird