How to Prepare Your Homes Exterior Before Painting

If you are considering investing in getting your house repainted it is important that you understand how to get your homes exterior ready to be painted. As painting your homes exterior is a large investment, you want to ensure the surface is well prepared. Although painters themselves do some prep work before painting your home. To get the best finish it is better to call in a professional house washing team like Endeavour Property Services who offer House Washing throughout Auckland. Through investing into getting your house cleaning throughout you will see a drastic increase in the life of your new paint work as well as much better finish. This will help to improve the paint job and prolong the life of the paint work. Below we will cover the most important steps to take to prepare you homes exterior for painting.

House Washing

A throughout house wash is vital if you are looking at getting your homes exterior painted. As over the years your home is subject to a buildup of moss, mould, lichen and traffic fumes, which need to be removed before even thinking about starting repainting. The best way to remove this dirt and contamination is to use a soft scrubbing brush like a car washing brush, and some warm water mixed with some strong detergent. Work from the top down softly scrubbed all the surface of your home. But not all homes are single story if you have hard to reach areas of a multi-story home, it is best to use a telescopic house washing brush that can attach to your garden hose. This allows you to reach high hard to reach areas and scrub while the water flows through the brush itself. Although house washing can be extremely strenuous and is often best left to the professionals. Who are able to carry out the job a lot faster and more effectively than you can yourself.

Lay Drop Sheets

After you have washed your homes exterior it is important to lay drop cloths to protect your gardens and lawn. This is a step which is often forgotten but it is vital as you do not want paint flaking off and embedding itself in your lawn and gardens. As some older paints applied before 1978 are lead based and can be harmful to your pets and family. Its best to lay drop sheets early before you continue to prepare your home for painting as they will catch paint flakes, old putty and caulk. Making it much easier for you to clean up in the long run and protecting your garden and lawn from contamination. Make sure to protect yourself when stripping paint if you suspect it may be lead based.

Repair Windows

Before your home gets repainting is a great time to repair the putty around your windows. Doing this will ensure your windows remain water tight and steady and is an important part of exterior home maintenance. Remove the old putty around the windows and apply new putty and give it time to dry before you call in the painters.

Scrape Paint

Once your homes exterior is dry you can begin scrapping off any loose paint flakes using a hot air gun or handheld paint stripper. To do this hold the scraper so the blade is vertical to the wood, apply moderate pressure, and drag it along the surface. Make sure that you keep the blade flat against the wood so it doesn’t cut or scratch the surface. During this stage, it is important to protect yourself if you suspect your home may be painted in lead based paints. The easiest way to do this is to wear a mask and disposable overalls. Always make sure that you dispose of the paint flakes safely an easy way to collect them is using a high power HEPA vacuum.