How to Host the Best Backyard Bonfire Party

On a cool, clear, and relaxing night, there are few things that are as enjoyable as a backyard bonfire party. These parties are great for impromptu gatherings, especially for sudden announcements or celebrations. Gather up the household blankets and jot down a quick shopping list; this backyard event is very simple to throw together!

Assembling a Bonfire Food Bar

Pop open a few folding tables, and there will be ample space for all of the refreshments for the party! Try assembling both a meal station and dessert station; a hot dog bar and a s’mores bar are excellent ideas. The hot dog bar would consist of ketchup, mustard, relish, onions, jalapenos, shredded cheese, buns, and warmed chili sauce- along with uncooked hot dogs, which would be cooked over the fire. The s’mores bar would include marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers; other wonderful items to include on the bar are fresh bananas, white chocolate, chocolate graham crackers, and other fresh fruits.

Assembling Seating and Blankets

First, arrange some large logs around the beautiful metal sphere fire pit, ensuring that there is adequate seating for all of the attendees. Set up a blanket station with the household blankets, just in case anyone becomes a bit chilled. Hay bales make excellent, cheap seating as well, but they must be kept away from from the fire. Try placing the bales closer to the food bars to reduce the risk of fire.

Selecting and Offering Scary Stories

Scary stories are an exciting and entertaining feature of most bonfires, much like they were during camping trips as a child. With a quick stop online and a home printer, dozens of scary stories can be printed for friends and family to tell. To keep the stories exciting, only allow the storyteller access to his or her story. Try folding each printed story, place them into envelopes, and include a short summary of the story on the front. The performer can read over the story before it is his or her turn to perform.

Bonfires are an excellent way to bring friends and family together with little to no planning involved. By amplifying the best aspects of a campfire experience, all guests will have an incredible time.