How to furnish with style a small kitchen

Do you want a nice and functional kitchen but space is little? No problem. Discover so many ideas to make it unique and special.

If you have a medium size open space and a small wall to devote to your kitchen, perhaps even broken by a window, a practical and beautiful idea can be placed in front of it a mini-island plan that serves as a practical countertop and as a useful container compartment for pots and utensils.

If in the open space area there are small spaces, difficult to furnish, the right solution can be to devote them to the kitchen. On two or three sides, it’s just a 5-square-foot re-entry to make a functional and beautiful kitchen. Choose, if possible, custom-made wall-mounted furniture and you will not need anything else! In search of furniture suited to your style and needs, Masoni Online can provide you with useful tips to find everything you need.

Do you know that the kitchen can also occupy the space of a small closet? You just have a deep niche about six inches wide and at least one and a half feet wide to organize it with everything you need: sink, kitchen and shelves or wall units plus a small fridge on the ground. The additional idea? Cover the sink with a custom wooden cutter, so when you do not use it, you can use it as a comfortable backing pad.

If the kitchen space is limited it is better not to occupy it at full height to avoid the cage effect. Choose, if possible, low furniture in Masoni design  ranging from columns to wall units, perhaps fitted as comfortable relaxation sessions.

If the kitchen is small, one of the most effective ways of organizing it is to fill it by using it every inch, especially in height. Choose it modular  and customizable at 100% and you will see that you will have a nice and functional kitchen also in a mini space.

If you have a closed, narrow but long kitchen, you can choose to move the breakfast area and lunch outdoors and devote both long walls to cabinets and shelves. Be careful to leave at least eight inches in width from side to side, not only to allow you to move well, but also – if not especially – to open the doors comfortably.