How to Build a Garden Pond on a Shoestring Budget

If you have spent your annual home improvement budget on garden furniture and a new BBQ, and would like to finish off the garden with a beautiful pond, fear not. A big budget is not a requirement if you want to have a water based attraction in your garden, and with some careful planning and wise choices, you can have the ideal pond for next to nothing.

Pond Basics

If you look at it, a pond is merely a hole in the ground, with a good pond liner and a pump that runs on electricity. The main thing is water flow, and that can be simply achieved with a circuit of PVC water pipes and a pump. Pond liners help avoid unwanted plants taking up room, and with regular cleaning and the right filtration, the environment will be ideal for the fish and fauna. For a shoestring budget garden pond, the pond liner, the pump and the filtration system, are the only major expenses, along with a couple of days of hard labour.

Online Solutions

Everything you will need can be purchased online, with companies that specialise in pumps and filtration systems. You are best advised to buy good quality products as they tend to last much longer, and after you have worked out exactly what you need, you can order everything with a click of the mouse. The Internet is also a good source of useful information, and there are many “How to” videos on YouTube that clearly show how to create a garden pond.

Mark the Outline

Assuming you are active and have a decent spade, you need to mark the area you are going to dig. This can be done with either string or limestone, and ideally, you want the pond to be close to the home, and the location should highlight the garden. If you are unsure about the location, look for an area that receives just a few hours of sunlight per day, and avoid putting the pond under trees, as the falling leaves will cause you many problems.

Recycle Where Possible

If you take a look at the contents of your shed, it is likely there will be a few things that can be used for the garden pond. The earth you dig out can be used to form a rockery, and if you are feeling energetic, you could create a rockery next to the pond and have a waterfall running through a range of nice flowers and shrubs. Garden gnomes and tiny timber bridges can add a magical effect, and with the right fish and plants, you will have a pond that is the envy of all your neighbours.

Once you have connected up the PVC piping to the pump, you will need to run an underground power cable to the house, and when the liner is in, you are ready to test the pond by filling it with water. Then you can begin to plant and ready the environment for the fish, and your garden pond will be complete.