Factors To Consider When Buying Sash Windows

There are many styles and designed of window available, but one of the most authentic designs for period properties is that of the box sash window. Sash windows slide vertically upwards, although some designs can also slide vertically downwards as well, and they offer a large expanse of open window. They were popular in Victorian and Georgian eras, so if you are looking to renovate your property, or you want a period style property, then sash windows should be near the top of your wish list. Consider the following factors when it comes to replacing or owning sash windows.


 Sash Windows Can Be Repaired

If you are renovating a property that already has sash windows then you may not need to replace them. Have a professional sash window company come and check the windows because it may be possible to repair them and enjoy another 10 or 20 years’ use from your existing windows. Obviously, this saves you money, but it also means that you can enjoy a truly authentic looking sash window in your home.

Choose Glazing Appropriately

In most cases, it is against regulations and rules to have single glazing installed in modern properties. This is because single panes of glass allow heat to escape, increasing your energy consumption. Single glazing, therefore, is not considered environmentally sound. Not all double glazing is created equally, and no matter how good the quality of the glazing is, if the frames of your windows are not properly fitted then you will still lose heat through your window.

Timber Or PVC?

For a truly authentic look, you need to have timber frames. While timber frames in the late 20th Century were made from poor quality softwood, modern and good quality frames use hardwood. Hardwood is weather resistant, it looks beautiful and it offers the authenticity that most people seek when they renovate a property. What’s more, timber frames have a life expectancy of 60 years or more, while PVC frames are only expected to last around half this time.

Ensure That Your New Windows Are Durable

The quality of the timber determines how durable your window fitting is, but so too does the quality of fittings and other elements of the window and frame. Screws, weights, and tracks need to be of a very high quality because your windows can last 60 years.

Customise The Design To Match Period Designs

Sash windows have two main panes of glass; one at the top and one at the bottom. These panes may be a solid sheet of glass, but it was more common to have smaller panes, called lights, in order to ensure the window was not too fragile. Different periods favoured different designs and if you want a genuinely authentic look for your sash window then it is important that you choose the right configuration of panes and lights for your windows.

Carefully Consider The Window Hardware

Window hardware includes handles, locks, and other items. They are typically made from metal, and they should be high quality. Poor quality hardware can erode or become damaged after just a few years, and it will need replacing if you want to continue to enjoy good looking and functional windows for decades to come.

BoxSash.com can visit your property to determine whether your existing sash windows need replacing or can be repaired. They can also fit high quality sash windows to any property, and can help ensure that you get the right configuration and the best design for your property.