Engineered Maple Flooring An Elegant And Stylish Choice

When redecorating your home, hardwood floors can be the perfect choice to give any room an appealing and stylish look. No other floor surface can equal this natural material. However, when you have to choose hardwood flooring, whether it is for your business, office or home can be a daunting task, due to the various choices available. There is cherry or oak, which is always classical, or if you want a substance which is eco-friendly, you can opt for bamboo and if working on a budget, laminate can be a good option. However maple flooring can add so much significance to your home and in a country like Canada it actually has iconic status.


Advantages of Maple Flooring:

  1. Durability:

Maple hardwood is known for its outstanding durability which outclasses other types of hardwood flooring available nowadays. Due to maple’s density and strength it is ideal to use when it comes to hardwood flooring. Due to the hardness of maple flooring it is generally utilized in dance floors, bowling alleys and gymnasiums.

  1. Stylish:

Engineered maple flooring offers a great trend of sheer style! With its earthly tones and sheer natural look an unbelievable warm tinge can be added to any room when it is used with the perfect home décor. Although other types of hardwood flooring can create the same kind of significance, maple flooring outclasses it due to the wide range of different colours it offers. Whilst other hardwood flooring is available in brown or white, maple offers white, black and brown.

  1. Appearance:

Even the appearance of maple wood flooring is better than the majority of other wood flooring. Maple wood is a nonporous kind of wood, which creates a marvellous finish. Compared to it, other kinds of woods’ structure is porous which give an appearance of roughness to the surface. Furthermore, maple wood flooring is obtainable in various sizes and shapes, which include panels, tiles and strips.

  1. Pre-finished:

Due to the fact that the engineered type of maple flooring is pre-finished, strength and durability are added. Furthermore, its smooth finishing makes it convenient and easy to clean and no specific maintenance is necessary

  1. Installation:

It can be installed quickly and easily and u can install it yourself even if you are not an experienced handyman. By using the click & lock system it is an easy task, which can save the costs of hiring a professional to do it.

  1. Suitable throughout the home:

When using the engineered type, you can use it in any room in the home. It’s a perfect choice in bathrooms, kitchens and basements too where there is water and moisture. A further bonus is that a floor heating system can be installed.

It is clear that opting for maple hardwood flooring can be the game-changer your home needs to transform it with great style and giving the perfect ambiance to your home by combining it with the décor of your preference. To see more engineered hardwood flooring options click here.