DM Design – Decorating ideas for your bathroom

If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom, it can be hard to know where to start – and how to be on-trend. DM Design, providers of bespoke kitchens, Glasgow has provided a list of decorating ideas for your bathroom to keep it on-track.

Keeping up with technology

Embrace smart tech in the bathroom with new showers that have a range of features – including Bluetooth capabilities that mean you can play music safely while you shower. As more rooms in our home become kitted out with smart technology, it’s time to bring tech to the tub.

Choose smart storage

Smart storage helps you to get rid of clutter and enhance practicality – giving you the chance to make your bathroom sleek, stylish and more spacious. Designers can incorporate built-in storage options into bathrooms to hide everything away without compromising on the overall look. For example, trough sinks are being chosen instead to make hand-washing clothes practical and easy. This long-term decoration has a number of benefits.

Try out metallic.

Metallics are a quick way to make a big change, with taps and towel rails in recent times made of polished steel, bronze, brass and nickel. Metallic features also have the added bonus of being a fairly cheap way of updating the look of your bathroom. Shop around for vintage metallic fixtures and fittings to add even more character.

Talk with your tiles…

Large tiles are a great choice for your bathroom. The benefit of opting for this popular choice is the spatial illusion that these tiles create – making even the smallest of bathrooms look sizeable.  There’s the added, more practical, benefit of them being easier and faster to clean, as there’s less grouting.

Try underfloor heating

Not necessarily a design feature, but if you’re updating your bathroom underfloor heating is a wise choice. Not only does it make getting up on cold winter mornings that little bit easier, but it also helps to dry out the humidity and moisture that builds up while bathing or showering, which is particularly useful as it prevents mould and damp from forming.