The Different Types of Artificial Grass

The lawn is one of the most important parts of any property, and something that really makes a difference to the aesthetic of a home. Everyone wants a nice natural, pretty lawn, but there’s one thing that gets in the way of that…natural grass is a nightmare to look after and maintain, and above all difficult to grow from seed. It is time consuming and hard work to care for, especially in big gardens where the mower needs to come out every other weekend.

Growing grass from scratch is highly dependent on climate, and if the conditions aren’t right it can take forever. To avoid complications and make life easier, many people prefer to opt for artificial grass. Aesthetically pleasing, easy to maintain and free of insects, it is ideal for many homes, as well as schools or sports centers.
The type of artificial grass you choose should depend on several factors, such as your budget, the size of your garden or terrace, and what exactly you use your garden for, if you have kids, pets and so on. There are artificial grasses more suited to sports, and others that are more suited to those who just use the garden to chill out. Here are the most common different types of artificial grass that are available on the market, explained.
Meadow grass
Short Pile & Monotone
With a moss-like appearance, meadow grass is the shortest type of artificial grass available, measuring 20mm thick. As it is short, it looks tidy and well-kept at all times, making it ideal for those who are looking to achieve a more elegant, well-kept aesthetic. It is also one of the easiest kinds of grass to clean, so for those with dogs or other animals, this is a big plus.
This is the most economically friendly artificial grass, and so is perfect for those on a tight budget or for those who have a big garden that requires a lot of quantity. The fact that it is an economy lawn doesn’t mean that it isn’t quality, though. It is durable, long-lasting and unlikely to deform, even with a lot of activity, such as dogs running on it or lots of sports. For families with children who love ball games, this kind of artificial grass is ideal, as it is more compact and rigid, giving a better ball bounce.
Garden grass
Two Tone
Around 30mm thick, this type of artificial grass is similar to the meadow grass, only this kind is softer and a touch more luxurious. Its richer colour makes it more attractive and realistic. This is the mid-range lawn, priced for the average budget in a family home. Its softness makes it more comfortable for the whole family, especially for kids who are prone to falls and spend more time on the ground, and for those who just like to relax in the garden. From a distance or even close up, you barely notice that this grass is artificial. It is very realistic.
Luxury Lawn
Long Pile & Four Tone

The most superior artificial lawn, this is long grass of over 35mm per blade, and is very child friendly. Like the two-tone grass, it looks very real and convincing, and arguably the closest you can get to a natural lawn. This is the most luxurious option for those with a more flexible budget.

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