Cleaning Up the Air Conditioning Units and Coils Intensively and Ensuring Unit Health

Installing, cleaning and maintaining the health of your air conditioning unit is not as easy as brushing off the dust from its vents every weekend.

Some cleaning attempts may be successful, some may lead to breaking the equipment and other unwanted incidents which could have been avoided if only a technician had done the job.

If you want to know how the cleaning procedures go for air conditioning units and heat pump evaporator coils, read on.

Thorough cooling coil or Air Conditioning evaporator coil cleaning is a bit complicated. These require numerous steps such as trimming refrigerant lines, disengaging the coil and other components, pulling a vacuum to tidy up the refrigerant lines, and recharging with the refrigerant.

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These maintenance tasks and repairs might involve costly expenditures. When it comes to Air Conditioning Clearwater experts employ the so-called “In place” cleaning methods with the use of foams and sprays are simpler procedures for ridding the dirt off the unit or the heat pump oil.

The use of compressed air for cleaning HVAC evaporator coils is another way wherein the technician tidies the evaporator coil through blowing it off with the use of compressed air.

This method is renowned for its simplicity, its easy execution and quick processes which yields to good results in coil-cleaning.  Air is sprayed to the opposite direction from the normal air flow across the coil. A technician sees to it that the air is sprayed from the correct side of the coil to avoid the dirt from penetrating the coil fins, which would be a lot harder to remove.

Air Conditioner brush-cleaning or heat pump cooling or heating coils are one widely used method as well. This can be done through using a gentle, soft brush. If cleaning the air conditioning or heat pump is done every three or four months with this process, results are astounding. The cooling or heating cost can be reduced making it a lot more economical. The homeowners may be able to avoid expensive and painstaking coil cleaning methods which will be a hassle, taking time and costs.

If the HVAC machine is used in a dusty area, somewhere near the roads or beaches, it is a different story. If no one maintains the proper filters in the system, a frequent clean for the coils are required. This should be done every month to ensure that the air-conditioner or the heat pump system performs as well as it should. For anything having to do with Air conditioning Clearwater homeowners should hire professionals who are equipped to keep their units working effectively and efficiently.

Billy Joe has been an air conditioning technician for 20 years, skilled in processes from installation to repairs. He loves to write about simple tips that can help homeowners better understand the machines in their home.