How to Choose the Right Canvas Size for a Specific Room in Your Home

Pictures on Canvas come in all shapes and sizes. But selecting which piece is suitable for which room takes a little planning and consideration of the artwork and the room in which you’d like to hang it. Sometimes you don’t have a choice of how big or small a canvas will be, if you like a piece of art you likely aren’t judging it by its size, but instead the content of the work itself. Since you can’t always choose the size of the canvas, you have to put more effort in selecting the proper room to display the art. Here are just some of the ways to determine which room of your home should have certain size artwork inside, but there is one prevailing rule of thumb – always go bigger when possible.

Room Size

Choosing the right canvas for any room is predicated upon how large that room might be and how much stuff you have inside of it. Determining a comparison for proper sizing of your art to your room should take into account the height of the ceilings and the architecture. Does the room have high or low ceilings and is the canvas going to be dwarfed by the height of the room? Consider the amount of furniture in the room as well. If there isn’t very much, then your canvas should be able to grab the eye immediately when someone walks into that room. But if it fades into the rest of the decor because it is too small to compete with all of the furnishings in the room, then this may not be the place to hang your canvas.

Wall Shape and Size

For starters, any canvas that you wish to hang upon any wall should occupy anywhere between two-thirds to three-quarters of the available space. With that said, consider the shape of the canvas in relation to the shape and orientation of the wall you wish to utilize for display. Vertical paintings work best on vertical or narrow walls, while paintings on horizontal canvas are best suited for walls with plenty of landscape area. Don’t forget about furniture and other items in the room that are also taking up space around your walls. Consider your canvas in relation to the rest of the room.

Height and Placement

We’ve already discussed that bigger canvas are always better in most rooms but for those smaller pieces that you can’t live without, it’s important to avoid sizing mistakes in any room. One of the most common that you find in many homes is hanging art too high up on the wall. Always try to keep your canvas centered on your chosen wall and no higher than eye level. Too much negative space beneath your canvas will draw the eye to that area and not your artwork. Remember to take up as much space as possible with your canvas and don’t be left with a blank wall.