7 Types of Equipment Commonly Used in Civil Construction

Civil construction is a type of construction focused on building roadways, bridges, canals, airports, pipelines, railways, dams and other similar public works and infrastructure. Ensuring accurate and safe construction of these structures requires precise tools and instruments. There are a variety of surveying and construction tools that are essential to the completion of these projects.

1) Tapes and Measures

One of the most important parts of civil construction is making accurate measurements. Public infrastructure projects are often large and complex. So, making sure everything lines up correctly requires careful and consistent measurements. This is often achieved with the humble tape measure. However, increasingly, people in this field use laser measures to get even more precise and consistent readings.

2) Levels

Similarly, to achieve a successful civil construction project, proper leveling is necessary. As with measuring distances, this can be achieved with either a traditional hand tool or a more high-tech solution such as a laser level. Although box levels are still common, many civil construction projects are making greater use of laser levels, auto levels and electronic building levels. These provide extra functionality, consistency and precision.

3) Theodolites

Surveying is as important as construction tools to successful civil construction. The theodolite and its closely related cousin, the total station, are essential for this part of the process. They are used to precisely measure angles. This is invaluable when evaluating a space before designing plans for the project and when translated those plans into the real world for construction.

4) Locators

All types of construction require the people working to know what is underground. This is even more important when working on civil projects such as sewer systems and buried utilities. Magnetic and cable locators can be used to find the position of ferrous objects and utilities, respectively. This may be relevant if the crew working on construction wants to avoid buries hazards. It is also relevant for finding items that need to be repaired, replaced or enhanced. Plus, surveyors sometimes use ferrous nails to mark surveyed areas. In short, locators are very useful in civil construction.

5) Manhole Hooks and Tools

Manholes are used to cover a variety of underground public works projects such as sewage, electric and other utility systems. Access to certain public transportation infrastructure may also be covered by manholes. So, many civil construction projects require the use of manhole hooks and other tools to access the necessary, underground equipment.

6) Altimeters

Altimeters are precision instruments that are used to measure altitude. This can be valuable when working on any large construction project because measuring heights with more conventional tools can be cumbersome. These instruments are impressively precise and can be used to determine the exact current height of a structure with only simple mathematics.

7) Power and Hand Tools

Naturally, a variety of power and hand tools that you would see on any construction site are also used in civil construction. This can include saws, hammers, chisels, wrenches, tube benders and many other items. Civil construction often involves a lot of earthworks and concrete, so shovels, mixers and spreaders are also very common on civil construction sites.

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The above are just some of the construction tools that you can expect to see used in civil construction projects. Major projects can involve numerous crews and a variety of craftspeople working on different elements. They also typically have a lot of heavy equipment including excavators, backhoes, bulldozers, cranes and more.

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