6 Reasons you need home surveillance

In the past few decades, home surveillance has gone from being an indulgence for the rich to an absolute necessity for the masses. With the growing threat of burglaries and the lower price of surveillance tech, most homes across the country now have at least some form of surveillance.

Despite the prevalence of CCTV cameras across the nation, some homeowners may still be on the fence about getting these systems for their own home. Discomfort or concerns about privacy could be keeping some homeowners from fully protecting themselves with the latest home technology. With that in mind, here are six excellent reasons to install a surveillance system at your house:

  1. Feel safe

Peace of mind could actually be the single best reason to get a home surveillance system. The rate of home infiltrations and burglaries are constantly on the rise. Even if you live in a relatively quiet part of the country, there’s still a small chance someone could break into your house when they think you’re away. This could be putting your loved ones at risk. Setting up a high-tech system is the only way to reduce or eliminate the risk and sleep peacefully.

2.   Discourage attacks

Burglars are a lot less likely to attack homes they know are well secured. Hidden cameras, guard dogs, perimeter sensors, and alarms all add to the complexity of a heist, so burglars are easily put off by them. If you install a system, make sure you leave signs and warnings to ward off potential intruders.

3.   Evidence in court

Surveillance video is often used in court. Being able to identify a burglar and have him arrested is a great way to protect your home and your neighbourhood.

4.   Manage electricity

One of the offbeat uses of surveillance tech is keeping an eye on how much electricity you consume. Some systems can warn you if you left something on at home while leaving and allow you remote access to the controls. These electricity and utility management features are a nice addition to a comprehensive security system.

5.   Monitor babies

A well-rounded system helps you keep track of not just intruders, but home employees as well. If you have a caretaker or babysitter, surveillance cameras can help you make sure they’re doing their job responsibly.

6.   Lower insurance premiums

Insurance is all about risk, so anything you can do to reduce risk at your end is worth doing. Installing a comprehensive security system will have an impact on your annual house insurance premiums. A lot of the money you invest in the security system can be written off from the eventual savings on home insurance.

These are just some of the reasons to get a home security system. Whilst lower insurance premiums and monitoring electricity use may not be too high on your list of priorities, protecting your loved ones and feeling secure when you’re away are the most obvious reasons to get a system installed.