5 Essentials to Survive Through the Summer


The summer is a time for garden parties and barbecues, and with a nice terraced area and sliding patio doors, your garden becomes an enjoyable living area. Spring hails the warmer weather, when you can finally open the windows and doors and let the home have some much needed ventilation, yet the summer also brings its share of inconveniences. Insects, dust and particles are all likely to find a way into your home, and for those who wish to be well prepared, here are some must haves for the homeowner.

  1. Fly Screens

Opening up your living room might bring a fresh breeze, but it also heralds the arrival of insects and bugs, and modern fly screens are the best solution to keep the bugs at bay. If you happen to be located in Western Australia, there are budget fly screens in Perth by Freedom Retractable Screens, and with tailor made solutions, you can say goodbye to the annoying stream of flies and other insects, not to mention the mosquitoes. Retractable insect screens can be tailored to suit any property, and with magnetic solutions, they are very easy to keep clean.

  1. Adequate Shading

The sun is always a problem, but with the right awnings and perhaps some side screening, you can achieve a fine level of shade control. Motorised solutions allow for effortless adjustment, and with a wide range of patterns and colours, the imported fabric would definitely complement the home. Retractable awnings give you the best of both worlds, and with unobtrusive tracking, your awning will look sleek and in keeping with the exterior.

  1. A Well Designed Barbecue Area

If you are really going to enjoy the summer, you will need adequate cooking facilities, with preferably a working area to prepare the food, and with a communal seating area nearby, you can entertain in comfort. An outdoor kitchen can be designed around your terrace, and there are online companies that supply outdoor kitchens that are designed specifically for the client.

  1. Water Sprinklers

If you are the proud owner of a well-kept lawn, then you will need to install an effective sprinkler system, as the summer heat will soon dry out your turf if it isn’t watered regularly. Of course, a long hosepipe would work just as well, as long as you have the time for a daily watering. Early morning or late evening are the best times to water the lawn, and try to ensure that every square inch is given a thorough soaking, as this will promote a lush, even green that will make your lawn the envy of your neighbours.

  1. Exterior Fans

It is a good ideal to have at least one exterior fan, as it can be very hot on still summer days, and with a constant supply of cool air at your disposal, you can easily maintain the right temperature. The latest generation of exterior fans incorporate a fine mist of water, which really does make a difference, as it adds moisture to the hot summer air.

The summer can be a very pleasant time of the year at home, providing you can keep the flies and bugs at bay, and with modern retractable fly screens, annoying pests will be a thing of the past.