4 Maintenance and Care Tips for the Carpet in Your Home

Proper carpet cleaning increases its longevity and keeps it looking nice for a prolonged period of time. Regardless of whether you clean it yourself or hire a professional expert, you will want to be sure to check your warranty for specific instructions on how to properly maintain the carpet. Spoiler alert: most warranties necessitate a professional carpet cleaning, such as those provided by Palmetto Chem-dry, about every 24 months. In the meantime, daily maintenance is crucial to keeping your carpet looking fresh and avoiding any long term issues. Here to lend some assistance with that is a brief list expanding on four maintenance and care tips for the carpet in your home.

1. Believe the Hype: Club Soda Works Wonders

When used correctly, club soda is an effective means of removing beer and wine stains from your carpet. Simply apply a small amount of club soda to a clean cloth and blot the stained portion of the carpet. If that does not do the trick then you may need to apply a vinegar/water mixture via some kind of spraying device. Make sure to douse the entire area and give it somewhere between 10 and 15 minutes to fully soak in. After this is done, when the time is up, grab a sponge and delicately press it onto the area to remove both the stain and solution. Repeat until the stain has been successfully removed or is no longer noticeable.

Once you are through with the sponge, use warm water to adequately rinse the spot. After this has been accomplished, apply dry paper towels over the affected area and leave them there for a couple hours so they can absorb any moisture.

2. Hydrogen Peroxide

Supposed you accidentally bleed all over your carpet, what are you supposed to do now? Well, hydrogen peroxide may be able to solve your dilemma. Before applying it, use a damp rag with a water/detergent mix to remove as much blood as possible. After this has been completed, apply the hydrogen peroxide directly to the affected area. Remember that peroxide starts to foam as soon as it touches blood, so do not worry when you see this happening. After the peroxide has been applied for a few moments, dab the area with towels until the carpet is dry.

3. Don’t Skip the Occasional Deep Clean

There’s nothing wrong with occasionally steam cleaning your carpet. Steam cleaning devices inject a cleaning solution into the carpet using powerful nozzles before removing it along with any additional dirt and grime that may have accumulated. Once the solution hits the carpet fibers, it loosens dirt and debris as it settles to the bottom.

4. Blot, Don’t Scrub

Make sure to gently blot stains using a clean cloth in tandem with a cleaning solution. If you do not have a cloth handy, you can also use a sponge or paper towels. However, it is extremely important to blot the stain rather than scrub it. Scrubbing just spreads the Dort and particles deeper and deeper into the fibers, while blotting gives it a chance to soak into the cloth.