3 Reasons Why you Should be Raising your Concrete Instead of Replacing

Whether it’s residential or business, many concrete structures eventually begin to sag or fall into the ground. This could be due to reasons ranging from poor location planning, badly drained soil, natural disasters, or any number of other factors. While most people’s instinct would be to replace or rebuild their concrete, a much better solution would be to have it raised up. Why is that? Here’s three reasons explaining why you should be raising your concrete instead of replacing.

1. Cost

It is substantially more cost effective to raise your concrete than replace it. Not only do you skip the cost of having an entirely new slab of concrete poured, the actual raising services are often cheaper than full construction. If there is damage to your concrete, raising gives you the chance to do spot repairs rather than sacrifice the whole piece, as well.

2. Time

Raising your concrete up is a much simpler process than constructing new concrete from raw materials. As a result, the job will be finished much quicker than the alternative. There’s also no waiting for materials to be delivered or for the concrete to dry, usually meaning you can have your concrete raised and back in working order on the same day you make the call.

3. Prevention

While pouring new concrete may be the way to go in certain situations, it may not solve the original problem that caused it to sink in the first place. By utilizing concrete raising services, though, the professionals who come to raise your concrete will often be able to identify the cause of the sinking and find a solution to it in addition to raising your concrete.

Sometimes it’s unavoidable that you need replacement concrete poured, but this isn’t always the case. For many people, simply utilizing raising services will take care of the problem just as well as a new slab of concrete. If your concrete has begun to sink into the foundation, look for professionals that deal with polyurethane concrete raising Illinois.