3 Easy-Fix Common Problems with a Fridge Freezer

When your fridge freezer is showing signs of problems, it can be very frustrating for the household.  It’s an appliance in the heart of the kitchen yet we often take it for granted!

The correct temperature of a fridge freezer is -18 degrees Celsius. If your appliance isn’t operating at this temperature, you run the risk of wasting food that hasn’t been stored at the correct temperature. There’s also a danger of eating food that has grown harmful bacteria whilst in storage.

To ensure that your food is safe to eat, you will want to fix an appliance that is showing any sign of not working properly. Remember that some issues may not mean that you need to replace the unit, especially when the following problems are being experienced:

1. Fridge leaking water

One of the most frustrating fridge-freezer issues is when the appliance leaks excess water. This can be problematic and potentially dangerous if the water is on a slippery surface, but don’t simply rush to call your local fridge freezer repair service, as this can be fixed at home in no time.

In fact, a leaking fridge freezer is often the easiest fault to fix and is usually because the door isn’t shut properly or the seal isn’t as effective (which usually happens with older machines). When this happens, the fridge freezer’s self-defrosting system will kick in and melt the frozen water within the appliance.

2. Build-up of frost

Another fridge freezer fault that can be repaired at home is when your appliance creates a build-up of frost within the internal unit. This usually happens as a result of the appliance being too cold.

This can be repaired by manually selecting the defrost option on your fridge freezer or making sure that the defrost cycle and thermostats are working correctly. If this does not correct the error, it could signal a fault with another heating element and may need to be repaired professionally.

3. Odours from inside the appliance

Whilst foul smells being emitted by your fridge freezer may be the most revolting problem, it does usually have a simple fix!

Bad odours from inside a fridge freezer usually happen as a result of food that hasn’t been covered properly or has passed its’ sell-by date. To remove the smell, clear out the contents of your unit and find the culprit.

If you’re confident that the food being stored inside your fridge-freezer is in-date and covered appropriately, the smell could be coming from the shelves inside the unit. These can be cleaned once removed from the appliance by soaking them in warm, soapy water and removing any stains with a sponge.

As you can see, you don’t have to suffer with a faulty fridge freezer! Using these simple DIY methods, you are able to repair the appliance in the comfort of your home. However, these solutions may not work depending on the exact fault, so you may need to consult an expert.