Tricks To Keep Your Kitchen Germ-free

Kitchen is believed to be the heart of your home. This means that you definitely do not want the main part of your home to be one of the cluttered or dirty rooms. This is so because the dirt/germs do not remain in this particular room instead is likely to be spread all across the home.

However, you can avoid accumulation of germs/bacteria by contacting appropriate design companies. Such companies can help you to design say, your perfect kitchen in Northampton as per your requirements and according to your budget.

Moreover, everyone is bound to walk-in the kitchen either to wash hands, drink water, or to complete any other household chores. This means that they are likely to unknowingly carry these germs, bacteria and dirt along with them to the rest of the rooms.

You definitely do not wish to live in such an environment and hence there are some easy tricks to keep your kitchen germ free-

The Sink

The kitchen sink is one of the most common spot where germs build their abode and settle for a long term. This results in contaminated sink and over a period of time contamination runs wild.

Right from the basin to the drain and taps every corner has a potential scope of holding on to tiny food particles.

In order to avoid this accumulation all you have to do is spray a disinfectant in and around the basin, drain, spigot, and faucets at the end of the day.

Keep Things Clean

No doubt that sponge makes your task easier in cleaning dishes but they are also considered to be the biggest enemy of your kitchen. This is mainly because they are moist and warm which is an easy pitch for germs, dirt and bacteria to settle on.

The porous, spore-producer is grimier than a public toilet. And, in a way, this acts as a medium to spread germs from one surface to another.

A smart way to keep your sponge clean is to zap it in the microwave for about a minute or two at least once a week. You can also place it in the dishwasher to get it cleaned. If you do not find any of these options convenient you can replace the sponge with microfiber towel. The good part is that you can clean these towels while doing laundry which is quite often.

Chopping Board

The only con of using a cutting board to chop veggies is that cracks and crevices get formed due to deep cuts by the knife. Dirt and germs gets settled on these cracks and crevices. The damp board turns dark over a period of time due to bacterial growth.

You can fix this by rubbing the wooden board with mineral oil on a monthly basis. you can also use bleach solution of 1tbsp bleach mixed with 1 gallon of hot water as a disinfect.

On the other hand, if you are suing a plastic cutting board then run the board through the dishwasher. But make sure that you use different boards for meat/poultry and other veggies.


Just like sponge wet towels are a live hotspot for germs/dirt to settle on. You can say that they are a hotbed for bacterial growth as well. On top of this, they offer a free tour to the germs all across the kitchen, on to your hands and even the freshly washed sweet lime.

The best way to keep towels clean is to often drop them in your laundry bin and dry them on high heat. You can also use paper towels as they are clean, easy to use and easier to dispose. If you are looking for an eco-friendly alternative then make use of limited number of papers of recycled paper.


Often, households blame poultry and raw meat for the increasing amount of bacteria and germs in the refrigerator. Well, if you carry out an overall analysis then you will realise the fact.

They are not the only ones to be blamed but also unwashed vegetables and fruits carry out this function. Unwashed veggies and fruits also have significant amount of germs and pesticides settled on them which makes your fridge dirty.

In order to avoid this spread of bacteria and germs all around the refrigerator you can clean the insides of the fridge at least once a week. Along with this, a deep cleaning once a month can be an additional option.

Besides, a clean fridge is easier to manage and you can easily grab what you actually want instead of a long search.