When Should You Do Air Con Pressure Test

Without the good functioning of Aircon, Singapore will be a place where you can’t live a comfortable life. If your air conditioner is not working properly, you will have a viscous, humid and hot environment that will not be comfortable at all. However, if you want to make sure Aircon works smoothly, you need to do something, and regular stress testing is one of them. If the routine stress test is not performed, the refrigerant dose may be small and various problems may be encountered. Also, if you perform regular maintenance, in some cases you may need to check Aircon coolant immediately. For pressure test in Singapore , please contact us at  www.serviceairconsingapore.com , the price start from $380 onwards.

Here, I will discuss some conditions in this article that indicate when an air pressure test should be performed.

Insufficient heat dissipation:

If you find that the room is not adequately cooled for no apparent reason, it is recommended to perform a stress test immediately. In general, Aircon’s cooling function is good only if there is no coolant. A basic calculation of 10% cooling loss will reduce your Aircon performance by 20%. So if you have 10% coolant in your Aircon, it will reduce performance by 20% and your heat will be reduced. In addition, it will also increase the load on the air conditioner. In order to resolve this situation, you need to contact an air conditioning expert or expert and should check the cooling pressure. Needless to say, if your Aircon pressure is low, you need to recover it immediately.

Restore the running compressor:

If your compressor continues to run, it may be a clear signal of the Aircon’s low voltage. Occasionally, your Aircon refrigerator may not have enough power, but it is enough to cool your room. However, your Aircon compressor may need to continue working under these conditions to keep the room cool. Normally, you will not see this or you will not be able to continue to operate the compressor, but if you do see it, you should consider it a sign of stress testing. Through stress testing, you will be able to determine if it is running continuously due to lack of cooling, or if you have other problems. If the cooler is not enough, you can ask someone to refill. If there are other problems, you can ask the technician to solve other problems.

Higher electricity costs:

Sometimes, even if you work hard, even if there is no cooling, your Aircon will give you cool air. You can also ignore the compressor’s continuous compressor due to work or ignorance, but in any case you can’t ignore the high electricity bill. If you find that the electricity bill suddenly increases, you can treat it as a problem in Aircon. If it works well and you don’t see any other problems, it could be a clear sign of cooling loss. If you try to stress test on Aircon, you will be able to find out the real cause of the increase in electricity bills. If you are short of refrigeration equipment, you can hire an expert or your regular technician to fix it. Until then, you should try not to use Aircon, which may also damage you.

Bad sound in the room:

If your Aircon makes an unusual sound and does not cool, or continues to use the compressor, then this is clearly a sign of cooling loss. If you don’t have any refrigerant in your Aircon, or if the amount of refrigerant is small, this can be a big problem for you and you need to continue the stress test. These abnormal sounds may also occur for some reason, but most of the air pressure is the cause of this. If you want to increase the amount of Aircon gas, you will be able to get rid of this problem and be able to use the really strong and smooth Aircon to get cool air.

Bad Smell:

Occasionally, your air conditioner may drop coolant due to a leak. So if you think you are ahead of the cooler and don’t need to check it, then you are wrong. The smell of the Aircon cooler or Aircon is very noticeable, and the nose and throat are also burning. If you find this smell in your home or yard, you should not ignore this mark. After observing this odor, you should not delay any time, but ask others to test it immediately. If your Aircon is ahead of you and your stress test gives you a cooling effect, then this is clearly a sign of leakage. In this case, you should not help him immediately, because it will waste your money and time. Before adding gas, you should consult an expert to find the leak and repair it. Only then will you need to add gas to the Aircon.

If you keep this in mind, your Aircon won’t have any problems and you will have a very comfortable room. In addition, you can reduce any problems that may be caused to the air conditioner due to the lack of a cooler. Therefore, since you know the time to conduct an air stress test and you encounter this at home, you should not delay any time, but should ask the experts to check the pressure and solve the problem.