Top Reasons to Get Plantation Shutters for Your Home

If you’re on the fence about what window treatments to get for your home, then you can never go wrong with classic plantation shutters. While they tend to be more expensive than most other window treatments on the market, most home improvement experts would agree that they are well worth the premium cost.

Despite having been around for hundreds of years, plantation shutters remain as popular as ever and for a good reason.

Simply put, plantation shutters offer the best option in terms of value and quality window treatments. While most people are easily put off by the somewhat costlier price tag, the latter should not be the sole basis for dismissing them entirely. As you will realise later on, plantation shutters are an excellent long term investment and one that is guaranteed to earn its keep.

Consider the following reasons why people continue to get DIY plantation shutters despite the influx of modern and cheaper alternatives in the market.

Helps Save Energy

One thing that most people don’t realise about window treatments is that some of them can be very helpful for lowering one’s electricity bills. Plantation shutters, in particular, are excellent insulators. This means that the latter can help retain heat inside your home during the cold winter months.

In the summer, plantation shutters can be used to ward away excessive heat and keeping them from reaching indoor spaces. This reduces the strain on air conditioning units, which translates to some tangible benefits in terms of energy savings.

Sturdiness and long service life

Another essential quality of plantation shutters is that they are very durable and guaranteed to last a long time. For this reason, many real estate professionals value them as a part of a home as opposed to an accessory or furnishing. You may have noticed how homes that have quality plantation shutters are priced higher compared to similar homes that don’t have them. The same is true with retractable awnings in Australia and similar window treatments.

Think about it — most cheap window treatments such as vinyl blinds and drapes don’t last for very long and will need to be replaced every few years. This translates to a higher overall cost than you might realise.

You would probably agree that it makes sense to spend more on a quality product that will serve you well for many years to come as opposed to getting cheap and disposable ones. The same is true with plantation shutters. Some of them even come with a lifetime guarantee (hardwood shutters).

Aesthetic benefit

Of course, it is also worth mentioning that plantation shutters are one of the most beautiful window treatments available in the market today. They are not only practical but also fits in well with just about any theme or decor. It also helps that these shutters are offered in a variety of sizes, finishes and mounting options. Hence, no matter what type of windows you have, you can expect little trouble adapting them to your home.

Whether you want a modern and cohesive appearance or a rustic and cozy appeal, you can be confident that there’s a plantation shutter that is well suited for the task.