Tips on How to Take Care of Your Cowhide Rug

Cowhide rugs are the toughest rugs out there. Their natural durability makes them very easy to clean and maintain. In spite of that characteristic, cowhide rugs to need regular care and attention. When buying hide rugs, you will probably buy different rugs to place in different areas in your house or living space.

Consider the Location

Though the toughest of the bunch, it would be advisable not to put your cowhide rug in an area with a lot of foot traffic.

Too much footfall will accelerate your rug’s rate of demise. Moreover, you should place your rug a safe distance from direct sunlight which will erode the integrity of the rug’s fibres and make them fade.


If your rug does happen to be in a place with foot traffic, it will often contain a lot of dust. You can rest assured that regularly dusting it will do wonders to maintain its appeal in the long run. An old fashioned shake up is a great way to air out your rug and get rid of the dust. A well sized open air space should do the trick. It will also get rid of large debris that may be lodged within the rug. Shake ups should be done once or twice a week depending on the rug’s placement.

How You Clean the Rug

Getting the dust out of your rug is great but there are issues that a shake up just will not fix. Drinks or food may spill onto the rug and cleaning the rug will be of paramount importance. It should give you comfort to know that most household chemicals and tools will help remove most food, drink or grease stains from a rug. However, some stains are as persistent as a hernia.

In such a case, you may try steam cleaning your rug. Steaming should be done in a manner that dampens the rug without making it wet. After steaming use the appropriate chemicals to remove the stains. Steaming should also be done if your rug has foul smells as a result of spillage.

For optimal results, steaming should be done in the same direction as the hairs of the rug. Also, ensure that the steamer is constantly moved over the hide rug without stopping so as not to saturate the fibres in various portions of the rug. Regular vacuuming is also a great way to clean your rug and keep it in good shape.

Drying Your Rug

Cleaning your rug should not be done under extreme temperatures. Therefore, a cold or hot wash in your washing machine is out of the question. In order to maintain the integrity of your rug, you should only subject it to liquids near room temperature and regular weather conditions. Keeping your rug out of contact with direct sunlight, snow or rain will go a long way in the care of your cowhide rug. Keeping with the paragraph’s theme, you should not dry your rug in either cold or hot conditions. Air drying and letting the moisture naturally evaporate into the atmosphere is the best option.