The Fundamentals of Green Pest Control

Green pest control is one of the most effective practices when it comes to management of pests. Any pest control company that embraces Integrated Pest Management (IPM) believes that customer awareness and education, prevention, and building inspection play a critical role when it comes to controlling pests.

Meaning of Green Pest Control

Integrated pest control starts with learning why and how pests entered your building or home. Pest control professionals know the lifecycle of pests and their nesting locations. Therefore, they apply innovative pest control methods that are not hazardous to people, pets, property, and plant life. IPM utilizes common sense practices together with chemicals that are environmentally sensitive. For instance, these specialists can install preventive materials like new door sweeps, fresh caulking, door screens, or new window instead of applying harmful chemicals. These pest removal experts can also install solar-powered repellents or set traps in places where pests live. It is one of the best alternatives to the use of harmful chemicals.

Advantages of Green Pest Control

Green pest control products come from natural and organic ingredients. These products also have a biodegradable design and are as effective as the non-green ones. Green pest control practices promote the structure and health of plants. These products also offer a natural substitute to chemical sprays. The control tactics that IPM uses are benign and thus minimize the environmental risks that arise from traditional pest management practices like groundwater contamination. IPM is a cost-effective solution that reduces the infestation risk.

How it Works

There is no need to spray a multi-purpose pesticide over the infested property when IPM specialists can use a process to set action threshold, monitor and identify the pests, prevent them from coming back, and use effective methods of control. After establishing an action threshold, these experts will learn the extent of the infestation and the danger that the pests pose. The IPM experts will also determine the best action to take.

While monitoring pests, the IPM professional will make sure that they correctly identify the pests. This action will help them to choose the right pesticide to handle the situation. One of the critical components of green pest control is preventing the invasions. IPM entails proper identification and correction of the problems that attract pests in your building or home. If you discover that the pest prevention methods that you are using are ineffective, it is better to go for control techniques. Professionals will always evaluate the effectiveness of the control method before implementing it. The best practices are the ones that pose fewer risks like using pheromones to disrupt mating or traps. If these control processes are less efficient, you can resort to the use of pesticides in some targeted areas.

As you look for a green pest control company, be keen to choose the one that will create a plan that will meet your needs. Rochester Pest Control always pays attention to the type of pest, the infestation size, and the environment where the pests are living. It is good to understand the chemical and processes that the company is using before you hire their services. Always prefer to go for environmentally friendly exterminators who use high-quality, non-toxic products to manage pests.