The Biggest Impact You Can Make With Paint In Your Home For The Least Money

There are all kinds of renovation projects you could mount to give your home some much needed revitalization and increase the value of the property. Some of these ideas cost exponentially more than others and when it comes to home improvement we’re all eager to find ways to make the most difference for the least amount of money.

One solution for this quandary is paint. It’s an easy and affordable option that can spruce up the look of your house without sinking a substantial investment into the task. But how do you go about doing something like this without breaking the bank?

Let’s explore some of the choices you have for painting the home and getting the biggest bang for your buck while doing it. A couple cans of house paint can let you perform that makeover you’ve always wanted or simply get the home ready to put on the market. Whatever the reason may be, updating the appearance of your home both indoors and out can be done on a budget.

Perfect Planning

Getting the most for your paint dollar starts with figuring out exactly what you plan to do before you hit the home improvement store. You’ve built a budget for this endeavor and you need to stick to it once you start to walk the aisles considering your options.

Organization is key because it allows you to make the best choice for your paint color within the budget you’ve established. This should also include the overall color scheme you plan to implement. If you’re thinking of going with a green paint you can then start to check out multiple samples of green at the counter.

Don’t do this impulsively, decide on everything you want to do before you show up to the store. That way you’re focused and you can purchase the paint that is right for your home and your budget. If you want to “wing it” with shades and hues, do so with the samples instead. Then you can compare them side by side and choose the one you love most.

Sales and Discounts

No one likes to pay full price for anything unless they absolutely must. But if you’re planning to purchase house paint and you’re in no rush to have the work done anytime soon, then bide your time until your local hardware store or paint dealer is having a sale.

Many stores will choose to lower their prices around certain holidays or during inventory audits. These retail outlets do this to move product off their shelves and when they do, that’s your time to strike. You can sometimes get deep discounts with these sales and save big bucks on that home makeover project.

Buy Only What You Need

One of the reasons why homeowners spend too much on their painting project is because they mistake how much they really need and purchase more than is necessary. Sure, you want a little bit left over for an occasional touch up or to make sure you have enough to finish the job. It’s a whole different thing when there’s an extra gallon or two laying around.

Part of your preparation prior to purchasing your paint is to calculate how much you really need for the job so you spend less at the checkout counter. You can use a paint calculator to figure this all out by using the measurements of the area you plan to paint combined with the number of coats you want to apply.

Paint Your Exterior

So what are the best areas to paint that will get you the most value for the least amount of money? Start by turning your attention to the outside of the home. No, we’re not talking about painting the entire outside of the house but various aspects of it that can get the most attention from passersby and prospective buyers alike.

For starters, focus on the front door of the home. After all it is the main entrance into the house and the first thing someone will interact with by literally walking through it. Many homeowners will go with a color or hue that contrasts the rest of the house or select a bolder color that makes the front door the star of the show.

Don’t just stop at the door either, paint the surrounding trim with the same color. In fact, paint all of the trim along the outside of the house while you’re at it! If you don’t feel comfortable with your abilities or you don’t want to climb up on any ladders, get professional House Painters in Richmond to do the job for you!

Indoor Options

While we’re on the subject of windows, you can liven up the inside of your home by painting the window, the molding, and the trim inside the home as well. It can give your interiors a whole new look as well.