Simple Steps to a More Modern Kitchen

Are you planning to upgrade your kitchen layout? If you find your kitchen cabinets or the general decor of your kitchen a little too ancient for you, then it might be time for an upgrade. There are many ways to lift your kitchen’s appearance without ripping it all out. Here’s how.

Make simple changes

Remodelling your kitchen is a big deal. It is also a considerable investment. However, it is advisable to save as much as you can on such projects. The money that you save here will help you later, say in another important home project. For this reason, you should make simple changes to your kitchen; that will make a very big difference (which in the real sense are not). It is the simple things that matter, right?

Have a budget

Identify areas of attention and come up with a budget. Understand your needs and what you want to achieve. Put in mind the amount of energy you want to put into this. Know the risks you are running and any potential trouble you can run into. How do you solve them? Consider financing options that will make this activity affordable. And don’t forget to factor in your sense of style while you are at it.

Come up with measurements and sketches

Take measurements and make sketches of your kitchen layout. There are different types of layouts. You could go for an L shaped, U shaped or one wall. You should then measure your kitchen countertops, cabinets, and appliances. Make sketches where possible and make comparisons with your old layout. Note the adjustments you want to do. Make sure to be accurate to reduce stress during renovations.

Refurbish your cabinets

Refurbishing your old cabinets is one of the fastest ways to make a great impact. Cabinets are a focal point to any kitchen area. Giving them a facelift will definitely spice things up. Be realistic with them. Synchronize your lifestyle with how you will use your space.

There are two simple ways to improve your cabinets; one, paint the existing ones. Sand them and add a new colour stain. Painting them gives them a whole new appearance. This will brighten up your kitchen space. Bright colours like white, soft beige or cream will give your kitchen a feeling of more space. Your kitchen will look more welcoming. The second method is to modify your cabinets altogether. You can change the cabinet doors or the moulding. Replacement kitchen doors and cabinets can give your kitchen a more sophisticated look. You can also try new knobs that compliment your new cabinetry.

Remove upper cabinets

Old versions of cabinets included wall cabinets used to keep many kinds of dishes or cookware. The modern style does not have upper cabinetry. They are open. Plus, upper cabinets are just hard to reach. Removing your upper cabinets will leave more room for paintings and remove shadows.

Replace your countertop

Add a new look to your countertops. There are many trendy countertops these days. Granite and marble are becoming a cliché! Be more creative. Poured concrete, reclaimed wood, stainless steel, recycled glass, slate among other creative ideas could work for you.

Conclusively, it is important to involve a specialist. Replacement kitchen doors and cabinets and countertops will require some sort of specialized skill. Involving a specialist is the best way to save your time and money. And the results will be perfect.