Weekends are typically spent doing laundry. While in the past a laundry room was purely designed based on practicality, with little regard for its aesthetic features, today this has changed. Everything from the floor to the countertops, the sinks and even the washing machines are now being customised to highlight an overall look or theme for the laundry room. With this growing look at design each and every year, fresh new designs and fittings for laundry rooms are being churned out to enable consumers to see what is currently trending as well as provide them with ideas of how to spruce up their laundry room.

New laundry designs that are trending

Vibrant colour themes

Laundry rooms were typically quite dreary and secluded areas of a house, but today top on the list of laundry design trends is incorporating a vibrant colour scheme to the room. Whatever kind of colour suits the personality and taste of the homeowner, can be used to make the room come alive, providing it with an exciting sense of style.

Marble counter spaces

This is one fast-growing trend. As opposed to the usual wooden countertops, more people are opting for marble counter spaces that lend a sense of opulence and sophistication to an otherwise ordinary room. Although on the pricey side, this item is well worth the investment as marble is long lasting and provides an overall aesthetic which is hard for wooden countertops to match.

Laundry sinks

People now have a plethora of options when it comes to choosing a laundry sink. No longer are all laundry sinks simply a stainless steel bowl, with designs also becoming available in both concrete and marble.

Built-in cabinets

There is always a need for storage space in laundry rooms and people are getting more and more creative with this. Cabinets are built into walls and other fixtures are placed on the wall to accommodate laundry tools and equipment. Many of these fixtures are made of wood and crafted with patterns and designs that lend a stylish ambience to the room.

Wallpapers and decals

Wallpapers and decals are making a comeback. While it isn’t as full-on in the past with a room covered in wallpaper, it is being used sparingly alongside backsplashes and decals when decorating the walls of the laundry room. These materials come in different styles and designs and because they are so easy to install and change, they are also a perfect option for the person who likes to switch things up, as well as individuals who aren’t looking for any permanent options.

Laundry taps

Laundry taps come in a range of different shapes sizes and designs. Although their primary purpose is to provide water, their designs can lend a level of sophistication to a laundry room. However, it is crucial to make sure that the taps selected should be based on their efficiency and usability, rather than purely based on their stylish appearance.


A laundry room is no longer a hidden away room and it is important for individuals to make sure this room emulates a design that matches with the rest of the home. With constant changes to trends and laundry designs, it is important to consistently revisit your laundry room look, not just in relation to the overall aesthetic, but also in terms of gaining new ideas into how to better improve the functionality of your laundry room. Making sure your laundry room will never be dull or out-dated again.