Is Your Home Prepared for the Utah Winter?

Utah, home to five national parks and a prime spot for winter sports, never runs out outdoor activities during wintertime.

But when you need to stay inside, will your home be warm and cozy enough? To warm up your home, here are the things you must do even before winter arrives.

Prepare the lawn

Take your mower on one final ride around your property and cut your grass down to two inches. You will thank yourself in a few months, when spring comes around. Cutting the grass short just as the months grow colder will prevent dead grass from building up beneath the snow, which hinders any growth for spring.

You also need to rake the leaves, which is a fun activity for the entire family. Letting the leaves build up on your lawn leads to mold, which results in patches of dead grass that get buried underneath the snow.

Prune the trees

Utah properties are vulnerable to winter storms, during which tree branches snap and fall and cause damage to properties and injuries. They can also block your driveway along with the heavy snow. To prevent these, prune your trees in the fall.

Pruning the trees also helps prevent the spread of serious diseases, such as Dutch elm disease, fire blight, cedar hawthorn, and oak wilt, that are most active during the growing seasons in spring and summer. The fungi, bacteria, parasites, and insects that cause and transmit these diseases are often dormant or dead during colder seasons, so diseases are less likely to spread if you prune during this time.

Check and reinforce seals around doors and windows

During the winter heat can escape even through the tiniest cracks and spaces, particularly on your doors and windows. Inspect your window frames for any cracks, and apply caulk when needed. Check for any air leakage around switch plates and power outlets and install outlet gaskets and insulation.

Inspect and repair roofs

Check your roof for weak corners, missing shingles, and areas that are vulnerable to leaking. Older homes often have roofs that are in poor condition, so you need to check more thoroughly or have an expert inspect your roof. Any problem areas have to be repaired immediately and before the winter starts, as extreme weather conditions in winter can worsen or even damage your roof.

Check and repair your HVAC

Have experts come in and inspect your HVAC system to ensure that you will have sufficient heating for the winter. Local experts know best about the heating needs of properties in your area and would be able to diagnose and repair your system accordingly. If you live in Salt Lake County, for example, you don’t hesitate to contact a company that offers heating repair in Salt Lake City, UT.

Before autumn leaves and winter settles in Utah, make sure to accomplish all of these must-dos. They will not only keep your home for the winter but prepare your property for the spring and the months to come.