How To Turn Your Home Into a Staycation Destination

The best way to love being at home is to make your house feel like a vacation spot. For those who don’t want to deal with the stresses and expenses of travel, embracing a staycation – when one takes a vacation while staying at home – can be the best way to get some quality relaxation. Take the following tips to make your home feel like your personal resort.

Vacation Decoration

The first step to making your house feel like a vacation location is to make it look the part. Update some of your décor and furnishings to suit your vacation theme of choice, whether it’s log cabin decor to match the feel of a weekend trip in the mountains or luxury rugs and towels in the bathroom to get a spa look. Get a little cleaning done in the process so that you won’t stress over basic household tidying during your time off.

Holiday Foods

Make a meal plan for foods you would like to enjoy during your break and stock up your fridge to match it. Try different meals than what you would normally have at home. Consider ordering delivery from a new place or going to a fancy restaurant in your area that you haven’t checked out yet. Bonus points for eating the meals from fancier dishware than normal.

Tourist Point of View

Take a look at what your city has to offer from a tourist’s point of view. Lookup a schedule for events during your time off to see if any strike your interest. Check out your city’s recommendations for visitors and avoid the usual hangouts you haunt during your typical weekend. Consider going on a guided tour of your area. Take time to visit that museum that you drive by every day on your way to work or the new park that opened up on the other side of town.

Freedom From Technology

Unplug from the usual electronics that usually determine your day’s schedule and stressors. If there are no responsibilities in sight for the day, cover your clocks in the house. Silence your phone. Don’t respond to work emails (and make sure your work knows beforehand that you will not be available). Relax and let time drift freely.

Taking a staycation is a great way to reconnect with yourself and those you spend time with during your days off. By giving your home the look and feel of a resort, you can enjoy the benefits of vacation relaxation on any given day off.