How to prepare your house for showing

You are now ready to sell your home and have listed it on multiple listing services and the showing time has been scheduled. Most people don’t understand how important it is to do those small touches. A bit of renovation here and there can improve the value of your home significantly and attract worthy buyers. You will not only get buyers but also sell your home at a good value. Talk to a real estate professional and let them tell you the few things you need to do. You will be surprised how great a change the little effort could make.

Following are some tips on how to prepare your home for showing

The exterior outlook

First impressions matter and once an impression is made, there’s not much you can do to change it. This is so true when it comes to a prospective buyer looking at your home. You have to do all you can in your home; ensure the lawn is perfectly trimmed, the driveway rightly shoveled and leaves raked. You also have to give a touch up to the external walls- you can paint and do some repairs on the windows and other areas that are worn out. No one will be impressed by walking along the untended path and get into a house that is surrounded by unkempt bushes. Make every effort to ensure your home leaves a lasting memory to the buyer.

Clear the clutter

One thing that will definitely be off-putting to a prospective buyer is clutter. Check for areas that are prone to collecting clutter like under the stairs, entryways, and closets. Make sure the shoes, coats, hats and all mail is kept out of sight.

Check your kitchen

Traditionally, the biggest selling feature in a home is the kitchen. Prepare the kitchen for showing by ensuring that the countertops are free and clear. The granite or quartz tops should be clean enough to eat on. Check out for the finer things like the refrigerator door and clean it. A neat kitchen is such an attractive area that can make or break the deal.

The bathroom

Another very critical area when it comes to house showing is the bathrooms. Most buyers expect a flawless kitchen and a neat bathroom. These two cannot be ignored if you’re to sell your house for some good value. Most prospects will look for the tub and the shower and thus you have to ensure that they are clean and working.

The bedrooms

This is the main deal-breaker when selling your home. A bedroom that looks smaller may discourage a prospect because it may not be enough for their many belongings. Ensure the beds are perfectly made with new covers. A bed that looks messy creates a bad impression and could turn down a good buyer.

When preparing for a house showing, you have to do your best to ensure both the interior and exterior of the home is impressive. Do the necessary repairs, clean every place and ensure all rooms are neatly kept. Be sure to hire a reputable moving company so that nothing in the house is damaged during the move. This is an opportunity for you to boost your negotiation power or break the deal.