How to clean a chrome heated towel rail

Don’t you just love that feeling when you get out of the shower and wrap yourself up in a freshly warmed towel?

Heated towel rails are a cosy and practical addition to any bathroom, and if you opt for one with a chrome finish, they can provide a modern feel.

But keeping it clean can be tricky unless you know how.

Read on to discover how to maintain your chrome heated towel rail, so you can prolong its usage for years to come.

What is Chrome?

Chrome or, as it’s technically known, chromium, is a hard metal that is shinier than most. More often than not heated towel rails are actually chrome-plated, rather than made entirely of chrome.

This form of metal has many advantages. Not only is it chic and smart looking, but it has the ability to prevent corrosion. Chrome is also a very good conductor of heat, making it an ideal choice for heating towels.

A chrome towel radiator provides real value for money as they can last for years and years.

Cleaning solutions

With any chrome fixture, it’s always in the users’ best interest to clean it regularly to preserve both its length of usage as well as its stylish appearance.

One of the most popular ways to do this is to use soapy water to wipe the chrome carefully, before rinsing the fixture with clean water to remove any remaining cleaning solution.

If you need to remove tougher marks or stains on chrome, vinegar is a better choice as it becomes more acidic when mixed with water. Flat coke or baking soda fused with lemon is equally as skilled in removing tough stains too.

Both of these methods require a thorough rinse once completed and make sure to dry and buff it thoroughly to avoid streaks.

Regular wiping

Another key element of maintaining chrome towel rails is to wipe them regularly.

For large areas of the fixture, give them a wipe with either sponges, or soft cloth so it’s not too rough on the towel rails chrome exterior.

For the smaller parts that are harder to clean, cotton buds come in really handy.

Remove Rust

If you’re guilty of neglecting cleaning responsibilities, then your chrome rail can begin to crack.

Rust takes a while to develop on chrome fixtures as the material is highly resistant to corrosion. However if you do spot rust on your chrome fixtures,  it can be removed easily.

Aluminium foil is an excellent remedy for getting rid of rust from chrome. All you need to do is gently rub the affected surface with the foil, so it doesn’t leave scratches on the chrome.

Before you use this method, make sure you dip the foil in water and this guarantees a brighter shine once the rust is removed.

To really make the most of your stylish chrome heated bathroom radiators, make sure to keep up with your rigorous cleaning routine. Without constant maintenance, your fixture can be damaged by the likes of dust and grime.