How To Buy The Best Studying Lamps

What does a student needs the most at home, I mean besides free Wi-Fi? A studying lamp, I guess. We need to study and contrary to popular opinion, we do know the importance of studying. Studying is like the only duty a student has and in order to fulfill our dreams and achieve our goals, studying is staple. But only a few students can endure the long hours of sitting at one place and repeatedly memorizing the things we have no interest in.

Moreover, the ever increasing competition for the first place and highest grades further discourages the students. I mean, all I want is to read novels and create stories then why do I have to enter this race and focus on getting into the top university?

Nonetheless, students don’t have the power to change the world and social norms. What we can do is study with all our might and for that we need appropriate environment that encourages us to study. One thing that plays an important role in creating this environment is the studying desk lamp.

However, with so many varieties of desk lamps in the market, it becomes a confusing task to choose the right lamp. That’s why this article, highlights some of the best desk lamps that are perfect for students. You can also refer to this article if you want a more detailed guide to buying lamps.

Top Features of a Studying Lamp

There are some features a desk lamp must have in order to qualify as perfect for studying. The most essential feature is the light the lamps emit. The ideal light for studying should be changeable and does not strain the eyes. Make sure to look for these features when shopping for the studying lamp, these features include:

  • Choose LED over CFL – this seems like an old debate but some people are still confused about the LED and CFL. Even though LEDs have more benefits in all categories, people still choose CFL because of familiarity and the vintage outlook. While choosing studying lamps, your first and only choice should be LED lamps. The most prominent reason is due to the color temperature function. You can adjust the color temperature of LED lights from warm to cool tones in accordance with the natural light.
  • Low Maintenance and Long Lasting – the desk should be low maintenance and long lasting. If would not encourage studying when you have to change the light bulb every week or so. LED lamps have a long life and they can last up to 17 years if used 8 hours a day.
  • Dimmable Light – as said earlier, the ideal lamp should have changeable features, one of which is dimmable light. LED lamps now have the function of dimming the light intensity according to the natural light.

The Best Desk Lamps to Buy

Following are some recommendations of the best studying lamps to buy. You can buy these lamps on Amazon or browse from the extensive range of desk lamps on the website.

BenQ Eyecare – the most important thing to stress about studying lamps is the strain to the eyesight. A wrong lamp can ruin the eyesight of students but BenQ Eyecare has taken care of this. This lamp is probably the best studying lamp out there.

  • It is tall, has a smart design which is suitable for contemporary décor.
  • It illuminates larger area by emitting small distribution lights that does not strain the eyes.
  • This lamp is sturdy and solid and would not break easily but it is also flexible so that you can change its position frequently.

Brighttech Lightview Pro – this lamp made the recommendations list because it has magnifying features. For students who have bad eyesight, Brighttech Lightview Pro is perfect.

  • It allows you to read small prints by its internal magnification features. It can magnifying the words by 2.25X of their original size.
  • The LED bulb emits bright and crisp light that makes it easier to read without straining the eyes but it is not dimmable.
  • Brighttech Lightview Pro has a solid and flexible design plus it is baseless and consumes less space.

WaterDrake Headboard Light – if you’re anything like me, you probably spend more reading novels than solving mathematics theorems on your desk, or on the bed. For lazy students who find it hard to get out of bed, WaterDrake has found a solution. WaterDrake headboard light can be attached to the headboard of the bed and eliminates the any excuses we have for not studying.

  • The lamp has soft and warm light
  • It also has a handy pull chain you can us to turn on the light
  • The design matches retro style that book lovers will love


There you have it all. If you’re a student and have been looking for how to choose a lamp that will perfectly suit all your reading needs. I’m sure this article will guide you towards achieving that.

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