How often do you need to check on your storage unit?

If you’re looking for somewhere to store a lot of your personal items, then a storage unit is your best bet. You can pack all of your things into a secure location, so you know they’re all kept safe. They can stay there for as long as required, and you’re allowed to pop back, take out something, put something else in storage, and see how everything’s going.

But, how often do you need to come and check on your storage unit? In truth, the answer depends on what you use the storage unit for. Some things require more attendance than others. So, here’s some advice to help you figure out the frequency of your storage unit visits.

Do you have valuable items in there?

The brilliance of storage units is that you can keep things in a very secure place. As such, you can place valuable items in padlocked storage units that are made out of reinforced steel. So, you will rest easy knowing they’re safe. But, if you have anything valuable in your unit – be it financially or emotionally valuable – then it’s worth checking up on them from time to time. Usually, once a month is all it takes to ensure they remain in perfect condition.

Why are you using the storage unit?

Different people have different uses for storage units. Some of you might be keeping moving boxes there as you move between homes. Others might have business storage requirements and choose to hold office items or documents in your unit. As a result, you may need to keep taking things out of your unit to use at work. In this case, you’ll be checking your storage unit pretty much every day. Even if you don’t need to get anything out, it still benefits you as you can double check that you’ve put back any important office equipment or business documents. For people that don’t need to keep going back and forth, then checkups should be less frequent.

How long will you be using the storage unit?

You may need self-storage solutions like Henfield Storage long-term storage for a couple of weeks, or you might need them for a few years. The length of time you need your storage unit will help you figure out how often to check on it. For example, if you only need it for a couple of weeks while you move house, then you don’t need to check your things at all. But, if you need to rent a storage unit for years, then regular checkups are recommended. Once every couple of months should do unless you have valuable items that require more frequent visits.

Hopefully, this gives you more information on when and how often you should check on your storage units. Realistically, there’s no need to check them every day or week unless you keep taking things out of it and putting them back in. Usually, once a month/every two months will be excellent. Also, it’s a good idea to check after periods of bad weather. You do have weatherproof storage units, but it’s worth looking just to be sure that everything is still in good condition. To find out more about self-storage units, you can check out