House Move 101: Quick, Easy Tips To Make House Moves A Breeze

So you’re planning to conduct a house move to your new home. Congratulations! If you feel a bit overwhelmed with the entire moving process, it might ease your worries to learn that planning your move is half of the process. Get this process right and fleshed out, and executing your house move will be a breeze. Thing is, it’s not exactly easy managing a household and your personal obligations with a house move in progress. However, while it’s not “easy,” it’s not entirely impossible. In fact, you can actually make your house move a breeze. Here’s how:

  • Get familiar with your location. One of the most important aspects of a house move is to get familiar with your location, especially if you’re traveling with family and kids. This not only lets you be familiar with recreational and leisure locations you might stay in while waiting for your movers, but this lets you be more familiar with relevant locations such as police stations, and hospitals. Not to mention, this lets you get acquainted with important rules and regulations that might prohibit or allow certain services, such as knowing if your moving company New York City can transport your belongings to New York.
  • Organize your inventory early on. You might think you just have to pack your things and get on with your house move, but this isn’t exactly the case. In fact, it might actually help your case to make an inventory to make your house move easier. This not only gives you a good sense of what you own but your inventory lets you know what you might want to sell or want to throw away. This also lets you know early on if you have heavy objects that might need special assistance for transport, such as if you want to hire piano movers to transport huge instruments.
  • Remember your design and theme. When we talk about the house move, we don’t forget about your new home’s design and theme. Especially when you have your inventory on hand, it might be convenient for you to actually decide whether you want to throw away or bring along certain furniture with you. And based on the intended theme and design of your new home, you can decide as early as now if you want to buy new furniture to bring along with you, or if you’re going to buy new furniture and accessories when you arrive in your new home.
  • Designate tasks across the family during the packing stage. You don’t have to pack everything at home alone. You can transform your house to move into an opportunity to bond with the family, especially if you delegate the house move’s packing tasks to them. Try to huddle the entire family together and assign them rooms to pack. You can assign your children to pack their own rooms, while you and your spouse help out packing the more common areas. Likewise, you can assign your children to unpack their things in their own room to give them a sense of ownership of their respective rooms.
  • Make a moving schedule around your daily routine. Another important advice to follow when moving is to make a schedule that revolves around your daily routine, not the other way around. Remember, you can’t risk losing your job or sacrificing sleep and your social relationships for the move. If possible, explain your situation to your friends, coworkers, and other relatives so they’re aware of the situation. Try to revolve your move around your free time, so you don’t lose out on important tasks as well.
  • Hire professionals to help with the move. Who says you have to do everything alone? If you’re finding aspects of the move a bit hard to deal with, you might want to hire professionals such as moving companies to help. They’re most likely equipped with the skills necessary to facilitate efficient house moves, and the right vehicles to carry and transport your belongings.

House Moves Made Easy: It’s All About Execution

With the above tips in mind, it might help to understand that a huge part of a house move success relies not on your budget or your manpower, but how exactly you follow through with your plan. The best house move plans won’t exactly succeed if you don’t follow your schedule properly. As such, it’s important that once you’ve followed the above tips, you should try as much as possible to move according to your timetable. This not only ensures you follow things according to plan but that there’s a move for adjustments. Happy Moving!