Do You Need a Land Surveyor for Your Property?

Land surveying is often done to establish a property’s boundaries. Besides that, land surveyors also create a record that describes the physical state of a property. If you think that you need a land surveyor in Park City, Utah, but are having some hesitations, perhaps these things can help you understand their importance.


For homeowners like you, land surveying is typically done to divide a property into smaller plots, set boundaries, and measure land areas. For owners of large parcels of lands, surveying is performed to divide properties into smaller parcels for new business centers or housing developments.

Zoning Classification

Land surveyors can also create a report that indicates your land’s zoning classification and jurisdiction. Zoning defines specific limitations on how a property can be used. For example, your house can be for light industrial or residential use only.

Fences and Walls

Sometimes, conflict can arise between neighbors because of fences and walls. To prevent this from happening to you, a land surveyor can help you establish where to build your fences or walls along the property line.

Boundary Disputes

Boundary disputes such as the right to divert water sources, remove trees, or maintain a property can be resolved by land surveying. Surveyors can show landowners legal rights and boundaries within a property to avoid lawsuits.

A boundary survey is perfect for this situation and in just a few days you could have land you didn’t realize you had before.

Utility Installations

Utility companies usually inform land surveyors about the location of underground lines, vaults, cables, wires, drains, and pipes if they need to use a portion of your land so that they can conduct maintenance checks on their utilities. This information is included in the land surveyor’s report along with instructions the utility company has about the things they installed.

Selling and Buying

To ensure that maps in property transfer title reports are correct, property buyers and sellers conduct land surveying. This can also be done before a property is put up for sale and prevent boundary disputes in the future.

Some lending companies require land surveys to confirm property boundaries before they approve a new mortgage loan.

Existing Improvements

Land surveyors can also inform you if specific improvements in your property are violating any local ordinance or federal law. Current improvements are checked with regards to parking, setbacks, building lines, frontage, dimension, bulk, and height. You will be given a certification proving your property didn’t violate anything.

If your property violated an ordinance or law, your surveyor would inform you and give you notice where changes are due.

Right of Way

A land survey report can show you if your property is blocking an access road or a shortcut to another street. For example, your property stands in an old shortcut route going to a local school. If there was an old agreement providing a way for kids to use this route, then they have the right to walk through your property to get to their school.

There are many other situations in which a surveyor is necessary. These are only some of the most common ones. If you’re looking for a surveyor, make sure that you hire one who is licensed and insured.