Benefits of a Fence and How to Get One Installed

Being a homeowner requires you to constantly be trying to improve your property. You can change the siding, install new windows, but there is nothing that changes your home more than a new fence. By hiring a wood fence company, you’ll have a gorgeous new fence around your property that adds to its privacy and security. When choosing wood, you’ll find that your yard is more private because neighbors and passersby will not be able to see in as well as they once did. 

Benefits of Adding a Fence to Your Home 

There are various benefits to adding a fence to your home. The first benefit is that it’s legally required if you have dogs. You cannot leave your dog’s outside without either being contained in a fence or leashed up to a building or tree. The fence contains the dog so that he has adequate space to run and get exercise without being a nuisance to the neighborhood. Also, fencing in your yard creates a safe environment for your children. As parents, we all want our kids to spend more time outside, but it’s difficult to feel safe about this when your yard isn’t fenced in and your child can wander off easily. Fences also add to the security of your home because it makes it more difficult for intruders to climb and enter the house. 

How to Get One Installed 

Now that you’ve made the right decision to get a wooden fence installed, it’s time to hire the right company to do the job. Because there are literally hundreds of companies available that install fences, it’s important to have several quotes and estimates before making a final decision on who to hire. Most fencing companies will come out to your property and give a free estimate of the work, so be wary of companies and professionals who will charge for an estimate. Also, you want to hire a professional fence company rather than a construction agency that says they can install fences. A fencing company only works on fence installation and will know exactly how to handle the job. A construction company works on a variety of projects and is not specific to fence installation, so the work may be subpar. 

Maintaining Your Fence Over Time 

Wooden fences are great for adding privacy and security to your home, but they can and will break down quicker than chain metal. Because of this, proper maintenance is required to keep your fence in tip-top shape. This can be done by adding a coat of polyurethane once a year, especially if you live in an area that gets a lot of heavy snowstorms during the winter. Normal wear and tear can break down the pillars of the wooden fence, so it’s crucial that you have these pillars reinforced with foam or cement every couple of years to prevent the fence from falling over and needing to be totally replaced or professionally repaired.