6 Essential Types of Fence Panels for Your Backyard

A classy fence can complete the look of your backyard. Depending on the type, it can also add privacy and security to your home, making it well worth the cost. If you’re thinking of installing or replacing a fence yourself, you should definitely know what kind of panel to shop for! Here’s a helpful list of 6 essential types of fence panels for your backyard.

6 Types of Fence Panels You Need to Know

1.  Steel

Steel fence panels are a classic and low-maintenance choice for many homeowners. A fence made of steel is easy to install. It’s also resistant to termites, rot, and fire, saving you from spending time painting or replacing panels. On top of that, steel fence panels come in numerous colours to match your backyard decor. Colourbond® fences, for instance, come in more than 10 different shades.

2.  Lattice

Also known as trellis, lattice fence panels are easily recognizable, thanks to their criss-cross pales that form either diamonds or squares. This also makes them secure and highly decorative. While they might not provide much privacy by themselves, you can easily train vines to grow on the fence panels for more coverage and a touch of greenery.

Lattice fence panels are also wonderfully versatile. Install them atop an existing fence, and they will make burglars think twice about trying to climb in and risking the fence collapsing under them. You can also mount them on one side of the fence so that flowering climbing plants can grow on them to give your property a soft finish.

3. Weave

A time-tested style of fencing, weave fence panels can easily offer security while letting light into your backyard. They will even create a unique and organic effect, casting dappled light and shade onto the lawn as the sun begins to sink. It also helps that both sides of these fence panels are attractive, giving your neighbours a relaxing view without putting your privacy at stake.

4.  Palisade/Picket

Modest yet iconic, a timber picket fence can lend a classic aesthetic to any garden. The gaps between the picket protect it from being damaged by strong wind, though at the cost of full coverage. However, pickets or pales can still grant security to your property, particularly if you keep pets around.

5. Venetian

These smooth fence panels feature thin horizontal slats separated by small gaps, creating a unique backdrop. The little gaps in a Venetian-style fence also let in sunlight and gentle breezes without compromising your privacy too much. Try using bamboo fence panels for beauty and durability.

6. Featherboard

If you need a strong fence that grants security and total privacy, featherboard fence panels are the way to go. Vertical, overlapping slats make up these fence panels. The lack of spacing between slats leaves no peepholes for neighbours and passers-by at all. Look for concave or convex featherboard fence panels to give your backyard a one-of-a-kind backdrop.

Keep this list with you to help you decide which type of fence panel you should buy. You might even already have a mental picture of your refurbished backyard. Be sure to invest in quality fence panels, and enjoy your beautiful new fence!

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