4 Options for Dealing With a Flat Tire

Almost everyone who drives a motor vehicle will encounter a flat tire at some point in their lives. Here are four different ways you can handle a flat tire.

1. Reinflate the Tire

If your tire has a slow leak, you may be able to buy yourself some time by reinflating the tire and then driving the vehicle to the nearest tire shop or repair center. If the vehicle is in your driveway you can use your Farm and Fleet air compressor Jacksonville FL to do the job.  If you are out on the road, portable air compressors that operate off your car’s battery are an option. Many gas stations have coin-operated air machines and a few even offer the service for free. 

2. Call Roadside Service

Roadside service is available through most insurance companies and organizations such as AAA. These services will typically put your spare tire on your vehicle if you have one. If you do not have a spare, they may be able to patch your tire or tow your vehicle to a repair facility. Depending on the service, there may be a small fee or you may need to pay for the service upfront and be reimbursed by your company. Make sure you get a receipt if you will need to be reimbursed.

3. Patch Your Tire

If your tire has a small puncture, such as a hole from a nail, you may be able to patch the hole and continue to drive on the tire until you can get it replaced. Many retail stores and most auto parts stores sell tire repair kits and other products designed to plug leaks. These are usually temporary fixes and you will need to have your tire replaced or professionally repaired eventually. 

4. Put on Your Spare

Once upon a time, vehicles came with a full-sized spare tire. Eventually, it became more common for cars to be equipped with a “doughnut” that was much smaller than a regular tire, but sufficient to get the vehicle to a repair shop. Today, many cars do not come with a spare at all, so it is a good idea to go out and purchase a spare tire if you do not currently have one. Another option is to keep one of your old tires the next time you replace the tires on your vehicle. 

If you find yourself faced with a flat tire, do not panic. One of these four options can get you back on the road quickly.